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The relocation of production units or entire production facilities is one of the most challenging areas of factory organization. For that reason, for machine relocation, Leadec draws on its entire range of planning, logistics, and human resources services to ensure that every relocation project is a thorough success.  

Manufacturing today is marked by dynamics, and production lines are regularly reorganized. This includes in-house logistics, machining centers, and robots just as packaging systems. A successful machine relocation hence starts early on, right in the planning stage. Where will the journey lead and what are the conditions there? How much has to be dismantled and what can remain complete? Leadec, with its technical services for disassembly and reassembly, machine relocation, logistics, and installation, contributes decades of experience. Both inside company premises and across national borders. 

Well planned right up to commissioning

In cooperation with customers, we work out every detail and can master any logistics challenge, even under high time pressure. If the requirements change during the project, we respond flexibly and, in this way, can realize technical enhancement and adaptations.

Service from a single source

The Leadec experts take care of all aspects of disassembly and reassembly of plants and facilities, the actual relocation, and, if necessary, expansion of the materials handling equipment. And while we’re at it, we use these machine relocation projects to overhaul everything from production and assembly lines as well as materials handling equipment all the way up to complete facilities. Once installation and commissioning at the target location have been successfully completed, manufacturers can thus enter into a new phase of modern manufacturing.

At a glance

  • Machine and equipment dis- and reassembly
  • Relocation of complete production and assembly lines
  • Conveyor modification
  • Modification and expansion of production and assembly lines, conveyors​, complete plant and equipment​

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Through the monsoon

Our employees are both dedicated and experienced, which shines through in the disassembling and reassembling of plants and factories under tough circumstances. One automotive company, based in India, contracted us to dismantle a massive plant. We had to package approximately 400 tons of valuable equipment securely and then transport it to the new location. Our employees had to transfer 51 trucks over a 2,000 km distance, through the hilly Indian landscape during monsoon season. The equipment and the Leadec employees arrived safely and in perfect condition. Upon arrival, our employees rebuilt the production lines at the new site. This project displays our commitment to our customers, for neither monsoon nor mountains can stop us from making our customers satisfied. 

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