Our industries

Industries we work for

Since 1962 Leadec has provided industrial services to major car manufacturers and tier one suppliers within the automotive industry. By following the expansion of our key customers over the years, Leadec developed its footprint continuously as well. Today we are able to offer customized service solutions as a partner on a global level.

Your partner in manufacturing

Leadec expanded its service and customer portfolio by providing services to a wider variety of industries.

Your partner in manufacturing

Leadec not only transfers our knowledge, skills and expertise from performing customized services in plants and factories for the automotive industry - one of the most competitive industries in the world. We also provide the same high standards of service globally to our customers in all industries. Whether that be in maintenance, installation, technical cleaning, or any of the services we offer. We have the experience, we understand your needs and expectations, and we can provide the right customized service solution for you.

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