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We provide Facility Management and Assembly services to the UK automotive and transport industries. Our focus on these industries allow us to continuously improve the services we deliver through the knowledge, expertise and understanding displayed by our industry professionals.

We go the extra mile

  • Industries that thrive on progress require a service provider that presses ahead and keeps things moving. Therefore, we are now launching Leadec: the new global player for services in the field of manufacturing industries.
  • Leadec emerged from Voith Industrial Services in January 2017. This gives the new brand over 50 years of service experience.
  • We make ancillary processes our core business, so that our customers can focus completely on their core purpose.
  • Our leading edge services enable them to stay ahead. Driven by our passion for technology, and our expertise and experience in the automotive services sector, we support manufacturers and suppliers worldwide in making their production more reliable and more efficient.
  • Because we work for the best in business, we possess profound knowledge and innovative processes.
  • In our global network, we benefit from continuous transfer of service know-how.

Committed to adding value

Our customers trust us with the non-core elements of their UK operations, and we are committed to reaching and exceeding both our customer’s expectations as well as our own; every day and throughout our relationship. As such, our contracts have been extended on multiple occasions.

We are driven to improve the quality of services we provide. However, cost is a very important common denominator. Therefore, we place a great deal of emphasis on adding-value through innovation and continuous improvement.

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Company history

  • 1984: Founded as Premier Manufacturing Support Services (MSS) in the USA.
  • 1999: Premier MSS commences operations in the UK.
  • 2005: Premier becomes part of Voith Industrial Services, a specialist in facility and production services.
  • 2010: Premier expands its outlook to provide high quality facility services to related industries, i.e. the transport sector.
  • 2010: Premier MSS (UK) Ltd. is renamed Voith Industrial Services Ltd. on October 1st, as part of a massive global rebranding exercise.
  • 2013: Voith Industrial Services acquires the business and undertakings of ThyssenKrupp Services.
  • 2016: Voith completes the selling of the Group Division, Voith Industrial Services. 
  • 2017: Voith Industrial Services has a new name: Leadec.

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Leadec Ltd. is a company of the Leadec Group, head quartered in Germany. With almost 20,000 employees at more than 250 sites all over the world, Leadec is one of the leading suppliers of technical services for key industries.

How we work

We listen, take responsibility, are open to new ideas and always want to improve. Our employees are multi-talented, troubleshooters and go-getters. We take pride in impressing our customers with these traits.

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