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Leadec is a leading provider of technical services supporting manufacturing in industrial facilities. Our aim is to tailor our wide range of services to suit our clients' different needs, so as to ensure that they notice a clear improvement in their production efficiency rates. We would like to be seen as a reliable partner in the area of industrial services and as the first choice for clients, employees and local communities.

Leadec in Polen 20 Jahre

Leadec in Poland celebrates 20th anniversary

Leadec has been one of the leading industrial service providers in Poland for 20 years, focusing on technical maintenance and cleaning as well as internal logistics directly at the customers’ sites.

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With the right combination of technical services, Leadec makes sure that processes run smoothly. A broad range of services ensures complete solutions from a single source. Our specialists’ activities are precisely customized to meet your requirements.

Thanks to our many years of experience, our clients invariably notice a clear and measurable improvement in their management efficiency rates for all processes. The use of cutting edge technical and organizational solutions is the norm at Leadec, and enables us to substantially reduce costs and improve safety and technical culture. All this is possible thanks to our qualified technical staff, experience and "know-how", with regard to both technology and organisation.


Leadec has a reputation in the industry as an innovative expert in the area of maintenance. We provide top quality services, from inspection and maintenance to overhauls, and strive to continually improve our services.

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