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The automated revolution

Digitalization and automation characterize modern smart factories. As a pioneer, Leadec is breaking new ground here, developing and realizing appropriate solutions to make manufacturing fit for Industry 4.0. 

They are truly useful partners in the production environment: intelligent robots not only take over dangerous or difficult tasks in modern manufacturing, but they can also gather and exchange valuable information in a perfect interplay with machines, humans, and the connected warehouse. After all, the use of automated solutions should not just increase productivity but also enable networking of completely different business units. This is exactly where Leadec comes in, developing and realizing intelligent solutions and integrating electronic components into the production processes.


Powerful IT as an all-rounder 

Apart from the installation of the actual systems, it is mainly the underlying software that turns mere automation into an intelligent approach in Industry 4.0. That’s why the teams at Leadec are engaged in the programming of industrial robots, instrumentation and control engineering, and development of in-house software solutions.  

A strong partner from beginning to end

The experts at Leadec are pioneers in robotics and automation. That’s why our customers trust in our services, which start with planning of the hardware and extend all the way to maintenance of the installed automation solutions.   


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