The manufacturing industries

Industries we work for


Leadec works in the automotive industry

In today’s world, the automotive industry is confronted with the task to develop increasingly lighter vehicles consuming less fuel and causing less emissions. Let Leadec’s service capabilities work for you! This means that you not only outsource work but also responsibility, resulting in a cost reduction. As a result, you can fully focus on your end product.

Line & Machine Building

Leadec works in the line & machine building industry

For our line and machine building customers the top priority is to increase their plant and equipment’s productivity to generate added value for the end customer. As a result, the challenge of continuously perfecting and developing further machines and machine tools is mounting. For you to be able to focus entirely on your business, we as a service specialist make sure that your production runs reliably, efficiently and economically – from assembly to installation to maintenance and automation.


Leadec works in the field of electronics

Characterized by innovation and product developments, the electronics industry may also be referred to as a changing industry. This market faces the challenge of meeting the rising demands on innovations’ availability and quick succession in a digitized society. However, there is hardly any other industry that offers such a high potential for growth combined with relatively short innovation cycles. Remain a digital transformation pioneer and driver while our Leadec experts create the ideal conditions for your production and for reliable, efficient and economical manufacturing processes.

White Goods

Leade works in the field of white goods

The appliance industry evolves around developing new products aimed at making the end consumer’s life more comfortable. The white goods industry creates a sustainable added value for the consumer by introducing networking products. At the same time, it increases the innovation pressure within the sector. To grow successfully in this industry, our customers reduce their own risk by handing over responsibility for industrial services at the production plant. Because Leadec supports you in everything to do with production-related services.


Leadec works for the aerospace industry

Strict environmental requirements, rapid technological development combined with a long model half-life, and high requirements on safety: The aerospace industry faces demanding challenges every day and yet it is one of the most advanced industries in the world. To cope with these challenges reliably and successfully, you need a strong industrial service provider who takes the load off you. The services for the aerospace industry provided by Leadec employees ensure that your production runs flawlessly. As a result, you can strengthen your core business.

Fabricated Metal Products

Leadec works in the field of fabricated metal producst

Growing quality demands and strict inspections by the authorities – these are the conditions under which our customers in the metal industry have to stand up to competitors. Leadec therefore offers you room for new ideas across the entire range of metal production. By providing our services at your production plant, we create an ideal working environment and make your production facilities flexible and effective. So that you can always focus on your core business.


Leadec works in the field of Off-Highway

Digitization and the development of new technologies play a decisive role in the construction and farm machinery sector. Our customers in this industry aim at making their machines more efficient and productive by using digital components. For this reason, Leadec offers you optimal services for all activities not related to production – no matter where in the world you are. Because of our global presence and our comprehensive range of services, outsourcing services to us is the perfect relief for you.

Wood & Furniture

Leadec works for the wood & furniture industries

In the wood and furniture sector, decisive success factors are the companies’ sense of reliability and their sustainable actions. In this sector, too, our specialized employees ensure stable and sustainable working conditions and the retention of your production facilities’ value. Leave the responsibility for these activities with our experts to ensure the quality of your work and to reduce your company’s risk.

Mobility & Transportation

Leadec works in the field of mobility and transportation

The mobility and transportation industry is characterized by valid solutions based on continuous development and research activities. Leadec knows this industry’s specific demands. It is our aim to offer our customers in the mobility and transportation sector an optimal service related to their production plant. Because if you have to put less energy into minor production processes, you will be able to invest more time in your core business in the long run.

Chemical & Pharma

Leadec works for the chemical & pharma industries

Trend-setting developments regarding medicines, fuels and biotechnologies reflect the chemical industry’s dynamics. Since we as an industrial service provider see the whole picture, we can offer our customers the best solutions: competent advice, increasing quality of production performance, greater efficiency thanks to our reliable range of services. Because outsourcing industrial services frees up resources for the actual purpose of your business.


Leadec works for the food industry

Shorter production cycles combined with an increasing product variety – these are the requirements our customers in the food and beverage industry face every day. The top priorities in this industry: uncompromising safety and hygiene, and reliable traceability. Leadec’s industrial services help increase your quality and productivity. We make sure that your production line runs smoothly and trouble free, allowing you to focus on your end customers’ ever-growing expectations. This, in turn, may increase your competitiveness and flexibility.

Wheel & Tire Producers

Leadec works for wheel & tire producers

The wheel and tire producers’ success depends on high-quality and durable materials as well as the end customer’s safe and ideal driving experience. To be able to meet the high quality standard, many premium customers already outsource production-related industrial services to Leadec today. Production facilities which function reliably and flawlessly are the key to success in an industry in which just-in-time and just-in-sequence delivery are crucial.