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      Smart vibration monitoring

      The oil mist collection system of several machining centers in our customers’ factories is essential for smooth and high-quality production processes. Its failure has a direct impact on production, as the machining centers automatically come to a standstill when the oil mist collector stops working. In addition, upstream and downstream production processes are negatively affected. For this reason, it is necessary to minimize unplanned downtimes and to carry out repairs during non-production periods.


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      The project

      To minimize downtimes, a vibration sensor was installed on the oil mist collector’s drive motor, which continuously records the vibration data and the temperature of the motor and sends it to a gateway using the mobile network. The gateway sends the measurement data to the Leadec IoT-Home-Cloud via the mobile network, where an algorithm uses the data to assess the condition of the asset. The dashboard displays the measurement data as well as the condition of the engine, and generates messages when limits are exceeded. Timely maintenance, servicing or repair can thus be scheduled to be performed during non-production time to reduce unplanned downtime.


      The success

      System alert - Evidence of wear and impending shaft damage

      • The algorithm detected changes in vibration behavior based on the vibration values
      • Alert was sent by e-mail to the maintenance personnel
      • Checklist with repair measures/inspection proposals was created by the system
      • Asset condition changed from dark green (good) to light green (satisfactory)

      Inspection on site

      Asset maintenance during non-production time

      • Maintenance personnel confirm impending shaft damage
      • Result: the unit is no longer manufactured, spare parts are not available
      • Measurement of the shaft for manufacturing
      • Asset provisionally maintained and put back into operation
      • New shaft is installed during non-production time

      Value added

      Total failure of asset prevented

      • Maintenance and inspection prevented at least eight hours of production downtime
      • Due to the early alert by the system, a new shaft can be manufactured without having to replace the complete asset
      • The shaft replacement can be performed during non-production time

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