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      jitCATS - Manufacturing Control

      With our flexible system jitCATS - short for Just-In-Time Control and Tracking System - investments, commissioning times, Reduce conversion costs and ongoing costs. JitCATS can be used as a manufacturing control system (MES) for the entire process. It includes the consistent control of all operating resources, quality control loops through to shipping with sequence control.


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      All-in-one solution for jit/jis module production

      • jit release processing and order entry
      • jit production and resource control
      • Control of pre-assemblies
      • Quality management and performance analysis
      • Sequence and dispatch control
      • Option: Control of demand-oriented material provision

      From us to you in four steps

      Typical project progression when introducing jitCATS production control:

      • Concept phase
      • Software installation
      • Line configuration
      • Commissioning

      Result: Highly efficient and flexible production control in the age of Industry 4.0.


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