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      Integrated Spare Parts Management

      Loss of production due to a lack of spare parts is a worst-case scenario. Companies' spare parts stores are therefore always well filled - and capital is tied up. However, there is often neither transparent data on inventories nor optimized warehousing. The effort required to check inventories internally or even across sites is very high. The result is unnecessarily high inventories, high costs and low flexibility. 


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      The solution

      Holistic, integrated spare parts management can be the solution. Intelligent software first ensures an error-free and complete database. The second step is the optimal procurement and stocking strategy. The aim is to drastically reduce companies' capital tied up in stocks and at the same time increase the availability of spare parts to over 99 percent.


      Leadec and the software developer Sparetech offer a joint solution for integrated spare parts management. Leadec contributes its expertise from daily work in more than 350 factories worldwide; Sparetech is a leader in the automated processing of master data and manufacturer data relating to spare parts. 

      4 steps to integrated spare parts management

      1. Identification of the spare parts

      • Comparison of master data with manufacturer data
      • Procurement costs for spare parts
      • Correction of names, model designations, article numbers etc.
      • Identification of duplicates
      • Display of common parts across sites

      2. Inventory pooling

      • Analysis and prioritization of plant and equipment
      • Development of optimal procurement and stocking strategy

      3. Off-balancing

      • Shift of inventory back into the supply chain
      • Complete takeover of the material stocks

      4. Availability platform

      • Establishment of a spare parts pool (inventory pooling)
      • Participation of multiple companies
      • On-demand delivery
      • Reduction in the number of identical spare parts in different locations

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