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  • The protection of our resources and of future generations must have the highest priority in all entrepreneurial activities. Sustainable manufacturing concepts help on the way to an emission-free factory.
  • For a green production

    The protection of our resources and of future generations must have the highest priority in all entrepreneurial activities. Sustainable manufacturing concepts help on the way to an emission-free factory.

Green Factory Solutions

Leadec provides green services along the entire life cycle of the factory. With these green factory solutions - which e.g. means less waste, emissions or energy consumption - we enable our customers to achieve their own goals in the area of sustainability.


We are constantly expanding our portfolio to support customers as a strong partner on their way to a zero-emission factory. 

Green consulting
  • Energy audits and energetic due diligence
  • Energy management system ISO 50001 
  • European Energy Efficiency Directive (EUEED)
  • Green building schemes
  • Public funding
Green lighting
  • Intelligent lighting concepts (ASR, DIN EN 12464-1:2003)

  • Smart LED installation

Green chemistry
  • Biodegradable
  • Phosphate free
  • Recycled content containers
  • Bulk packaging
Green installation
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Power gridlines
Green reporting
  • Carbon neutrality PAS 2060
  • Carbon footprint monitoring and reporting ISO 14067
  • Noise reduction and monitoring
Green metering
  • Energy savings measurement and verification (M&V) using smart devices
  • Voltage regulation (VR) and power factor correction (PFC)
  • Efficient operation of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) and compressed air
  • Heat pumps
Green waste services
  • Circular economy strategies
  • Waste collection
  • Manual waste sorting
  • Waste data recording
  • Waste disposal monitoring
  • E-vehicles / E-fuels used
  • Zero waste principles
  • Waste management audits
  • Ensure compliance to zero waste audience
  • Sustainable snow removal
Green automation

Automation systems for:

  • Solar Cell production
  • Hydrogen production
  • Recycling plants
  • Equipment manufacturer of wind power plants
Green engineering
  • GEFMA 160 (sustainability and 162 (carbon) in facility management)
  • LEED (Energy and Environmental Design) certification support
  • BREEAM (Environmental Assessment) audit
  • GRESB (ESG benchmark)
  • DGNB (construction)

Practical examples

Drones are used whenever roofs, facades or other hard-to-reach places need to be inspected. And they do so with maximum safety for our employees. Buildings and sites cannot only be measured precisely, but the drone also provides information about the thermography of the building. 

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Digitalized waste disposal not only saves the budget, but also the environment and resources. With QR codes on the containers and the disposal points, ideal routes are planned and residual materials can be recycled optimally. 

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Bees play an important role in our ecosystem because they pollinate more than 80 percent of all flowering plants. However, the number of bees has been declining for years and they are highly endangered. That's why Leadec employees take care of beehives at several sites in Germany, UK and Hungary. 

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Why choose Leadec?

Leadec understands the increasing importance of sustainability at the global and national levels and the importance to our stakeholders. We at Leadec want to use the opportunities of sustainability to increase our company’s and our stakeholder's success. We understand the challenges our customers encounter on their way to sustainable production. That is why we are very committed ourselves and can bring this experience to the factories of this world with our Green Factory Solutions.

"Low Risk" rated by Sustainalytics

The rating agency Sustainalytics rated Leadec's risk of significant financial impact from ESG factors as low. 



Leadec rated by EcoVadis

Leadec has received a silver rating in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) rating of the independent assessment platform EcoVadis.  The audit covers the areas of environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.



Your global partner

Wherever you need a strong partner for Green Factory Solutions, that's where you'll find us:

We do sustainability

Read more in our "Pulse" about how manufacturing can be created sustainably, what concepts there are and what concrete solutions look like. 

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    Sorted, Not Mixed

    Waste separation is one of the biggest challenges in recycling plants. Due to the variety and mixture of different materials, it is often difficult to sort and process the waste efficiently. Automation solutions from Leadec help.

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    “The Future Belongs to Integrated Facility Management"

    Integrated Facility Management (IFM) is more than a trend. It is the next evolutionary step to ensure that facility management in companies is optimized, adding real value. In this interview, Tim de Wit, Global Key Account Director Manufacturing Industries at Leadec, explains why.

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    Rabbits on the Factory Lawn

    It may sound unusual, but factory sites are increasingly being used to create biodiversity. But what does it take to turn a conventional company site into a near-natural one?

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    "Our Strength is Our Responsiveness"

    Ulrich Haas is the managing director of Leadec’s newest subsidiary in France. In this interview, he talks about the opportunities and challenges of the market and where the company’s focus lies.

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    With The Power of The Sun

    They are large, they are flat, and they are empty: factory roofs are ideal for mounting photovoltaic systems. For sustainable and independent energy generation. But what are the challenges and what needs to be considered?

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    Experts in the World of Manufacturing: Leadec Factory Talks

    Do you know our interview series “Factory Talks”? Leadec experts around the world talk about topics that are affecting factories and production (plants).

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    Leadec Factory Talks – Episode 5: Sustainable production

    How does a factory become climate-neutral? And how can manufacturers and service provider work together on the zero-emission factory? Find out in episode 5 of our Factory Talks.

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    Safety at Leadec: Interview with Gordana Djurdjevic

    Gordana Djurdjevic is Corporate Environmental Health and Safety Manager at Leadec for the USA and Canada. In this interview, she reveals her philosophy and talks about the role played by occupational safety in the modern production environment. 

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    "Digital Factory Experience": Virtual Insight Into the Digitized Factory

    From autonomous transport systems to digital weld seam testing - Leadec's range of products and services for the smart factory can now be experienced in a simulated environment. This is now available with a tour on the online platform "Digital Factory Experience".

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    Leadec Factory Talks – Episode 3: In-plant Logistics

    Logistics is a broad field and from the gate onwards, inside the factory, it becomes really exciting. How digitized and automated is the tracking of goods? How do you rule out errors and how can you ensure that production doesn’t come to a standstill but continues through?

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    Sustainability in Figures

    Leadec's latest sustainability report takes a look at the figures. And here it becomes clear: the activities to reduce the ecological footprint are paying off. 

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    Whitepaper: How Integrated Facility Management Optimizes Production

    ‘Crossing the yellow line’ is the title of our new whitepaper which highlights the benefits of Integrated Facility Management (IFM) for the food & beverage industry. Streamlining all support services through a single efficient model increases asset uptime and reduces maintenance costs.

  • Whitepaper

    Whitepaper: Integrated Facility Management (IFM)

    Unwanted machine downtime is a nightmare in the food industry. Our latest white paper explains how integrated facility management can help. 

  • Brochure

    Sustainability Report 2021

    Our sustainability program centers around four strategic commitments: managing our environmental impact, acting responsibly toward our employees and society, maintaining integrity as well as adding longterm customer value. Read more in our Sustainability Report. 

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    Leadec Factory Talks – Episode 2: Factory Planning

    State-of-the-art factories are expected to run more efficiently and place new demands on their operators. From networked production processes and a high degree of automation to close cooperation with customers and suppliers. What does this mean for the field of production planning?

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    A First in Finance: Green Factoring

    How are respect for human rights and environmental protection related to the cost of a financial product? More directly than you might think. In Germany, Leadec has now developed and concluded the first so-called ESG-linked factoring agreement with a major financial partner.

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    For a Social and Ecological World Economy

    The UN Global Compact (UNGC) is the world’s largest initiative for sustainable and socially responsible corporate governance. Leadec recently joined the initiative.

  • Article

    Rating: Leadec Takes Sustainability in its Stride

    In its assessment of Leadec, the rating agency Sustainalytics rated the risk of significant financial impact from ESG factors as low. A visible sign of Leadec’s sustainability performance. In the industry overview regarding commercial services, Leadec has thus achieved one of the best ratings.

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    60 Years of Leadec

    In 1962 the foundation stone for today’s company was laid – with the founding of the boiler cleaning company Reichenberger & Co. in Munich. For 60 years, our teams make sure that production runs smoothly. We never stand still. We improve, think ahead and always find a solution.

  • Interview

    Interview: 60 Years of Leadec

    In 2022, Leadec will celebrate its 60th anniversary. In an interview with Markus Glaser-Gallion, CEO of Leadec, we talk about the past years and how he sees the future of the service specialist for the factory. 

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    Sustainability Starts With the Little Ones

    If you want to act sustainably, you need one thing above all: knowledge! This applies on a small scale at home and at work just as much as on a large scale for services in the factory. To raise awareness of the issue, the Leadec team from the UK launched "Green Week". 

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    Smart Maintenance Produces Food

    Sustainability in the food and beverage industry has long since ceased to be a trend. Instead, it is a strong driver of quality and innovation, and thus also an important factor for greater added value and competitiveness. But where does sustainability start? With the intelligent maintenance of machines and systems, for example.

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    Life Cycle Solutions from Leadec

    The complexity of factories worldwide is constantly increasing: data overflow, no obvious synergies, countless contact persons – it’s incredibly hard to keep track of everything. The solution: one reliable and experienced partner along the entire life cycle of a factory.

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    Leadec's Services for the Food & Beverage Industry

    The global food industry is facing major challenges: Increasing productivity, finding solutions for high-tech packaging and avoiding waste of food and water. With our engineering expertise and technical services, we automate, digitize, maintain and support your factory and buildings. Let us share our knowledge with you.