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  • A Leadec employee giving a presentation to several colleagues in a conference room.
    Leadec is the leading service specialist for the factories across the entire life cycle and related infrastructure. For more than 60 years industrial enterprises across the globe rely on Leadec’s know-how concerning complex processes in smart factories, e-mobility, and sustainable production and infrastructure.
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    Leadec is the leading service specialist for the factories across the entire life cycle and related infrastructure. For more than 60 years industrial enterprises across the globe rely on Leadec’s know-how concerning complex processes in smart factories, e-mobility, and sustainable production and infrastructure.

Leadec in brief

  • Legal form: BV & Co. KG
  • Headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Board of Management: Markus Glaser-Gallion (CEO), Christian Geißler (CFO), Markus Hucko (COO)



in 16 countries


billion € (FY 2023)


on 4 continents


for the entire life cycle of a factory


of experience

Leadec is a part of the Triton portfolio

Since 2016 Leadec has been owned by Triton.

Triton is an international investment firm, founded in 1997. The company seeks to contribute to building better businesses for the longer term through partnership. Triton invests in medium-sized businesses with management located in Europe that fall within the Industrial, Business Services and Consumer/Health sectors. Triton funds’ approximately 180 investors include, among others, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and endowments. Triton includes environmental, social and governance criteria into investment considerations and decision-making processes which help to capture long-term value. Since its founding, Triton has completed more than 80 investments and supported more than 370 acquisitions.


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Key highlights

Global leader

For servicing manufacturing plants, factories and related infrastructure

Proven business model

Resilience with diversified, recurring revenues

Operational and sales excellence

High order backlog and OPEX savings

Blue-chip customers

With high renewal rates and increasing share of wallet

Asset light and cash generative

With a flexible cost base and low capex

At the center of megatrends

Ideally positioned to benefit from ongoing outsourcing 

Our vision

We are the leading service specialist for the factory of today and tomorrow.

Our comprehensive knowledge of the production processes and equipment in the manufacturing industry which we have gained over decades is the basis for our smart services for smart factories. We are firmly established in the automotive industry. Now it is time for us to utilize our expertise to capture other industries as well.


We have built up a strong platform for our digital growth, have sound and scalable business models for our balanced customer portfolio in mature and growth markets and are among the most attractive employers in our industry.

Christian Geißler, CFO Leadec

Leadec is a stand-alone company, with a strong track record in automotive, but diversifying and growing in manufacturing industries such as e-commerce, consumer goods and aerospace. 

Our "Becoming Leading Edge" strategy

“Becoming Leading Edge” – that is what our strategy is called. To become leading edge, we have to grow profitably and professionalize our processes. For this purpose, the strategy is based on the following four pillars.

1. Focusing on our core services

Leadec offers a dedicated portfolio of ten core services for the manufacturing industry along the life cycle of the factory and its corresponding infrastructure:


  • Production Planning & Optimization
  • Automation
  • Production IT
  • Electrical and Mechanical Installation
  • Relocation
  • Production Equipment Maintenance
  • Technical Cleaning
  • Technical Facility Management
  • Infrastructural Facility Management
  • Logistics

We will develop these service lines further globally with the aim of offering our core services equally in all regions. We integrate digital applications and business models.

2. Expanding into manufacturing industries

The automotive industry will remain our home. But we already have scaled our successful recipe into adjacent markets. Related manufacturing industries such as aerospace, e-commerce or white goods offer great opportunities for increasing the share of new industries to over 40 percent. This means that we will have a more balanced customer portfolio, allowing us to benefit from opportunities outside the automotive industry:


  • Off-highway
  • Aerospace 
  • Technology
  • Consumer goods
  • E-commerce
  • Food & beverage

3. Growing with the markets

Europe is our main market. Despite being a mature market, it still offers us many opportunities for expansion. This is where we want to continue to grow, for example in Spain or Portugal. In addition, we will particularly focus on Americas where we also expect strong growth because of the high investment in production plant and equipment. We are benefiting from the trend that, with the diversification of the supply chain, production is increasingly being set up locally again. 

4. Organization

We invest in our own infrastructure and combine our business processes in one system, providing us with real-time data, also on mobile devices. A key lever here is our digital business platform Leadec.os, which has been implemented at many of our global customer sites. Our new HR connect global platform brings together data and processes centrally, thus accelerating all tasks related to HR work. Now – after our entire IT infrastructure, customer and service processes – all HR processes are also digitized and excellently positioned. We thus have common KPIs that not only show the past but also allow us to proactively control our business. We do not work harder but smarter by continuously improving our processes. By improving our productivity at our more than 350 sites, we will be more competitive.

Leadec's digitalization strategy

Leadec approaches digitization in its entirety using three steps:


  1.  The fundamental modernization of the own IT infrastructure
  2.  The harmonization and digitization of the own core business processes including the touch point with the customer 
  3.  Value-creating digital services and new business models.

Factory of the future


Sustainability is firmly anchored into our operations and governance. We have set ourselves sustainability targets, release an annual sustainability report and we are part of the UN Global Compact. In addition, Leadec supports its industrial customers on their way to decarbonization and a circular economy. Our “Green Factory Solutions" comprise sustainable services that complement and expand Leadec’s portfolio in all service areas – from recording the carbon footprint to supporting energy audits and installing photovoltaic systems.

Green Factory Solutions

"Negligible Risk" rated by Sustainalytics

The rating agency Sustainalytics rated Leadec's risk of significant financial impact from ESG factors as negligible with 8.4 points on a scale up to 100. In a global comparison, this places Leadec in rank 109 out of 15489. Leadec ranks 3rd percentile in global universe, 15th in commercial services and 2nd in business and support. The rating result of Sustainalytics takes into account the ESG risks that Leadec faces as a service specialist for the factory on the one hand and how the company deals with them on the other hand. Sustainalytics looks at ESG indicators from the following eight areas: Corporate Governance, Human Capital, Data Privacy and Security, Bribery and Corruption, Emissions, Effluents and Waste, Product Governance, Carbon (own operations), and Occupational Health & Safety.



Leadec rated by EcoVadis

Leadec has received a silver rating in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) rating of the independent assessment platform EcoVadis. The audit covers the areas of environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.



Our history

  • 1962: Founding of the company (Kesselreinigungsgesellschaft Reichenberger & Co.) in Munich, Germany. Core activities: technical cleaning and maintenance
  • 1985: Company renamed Deutsche Industriewartung GmbH & Co. KG (DIW)
  • 2000: Voith acquires DIW and establishes the division Voith Industrial Services
  • 2005: Expansion into America through the acquisition of Premier Group, Cincinnati, USA
  • 2006: Majority takeover of Hörmann Industrietechnik, Kirchseeon, Germany
  • 2009: Expansion into Asia through the establishment of company in China
  • 2013: Takeover of ThyssenKrupp Services in UK
  • 2016: Voith Industrial Services is purchased by private equity firm Triton
  • 2017: Voith Industrial Services becomes Leadec
  • 2018: Focus on core portfolio by sale of Veltec business (process industry)
  • 2019: Integration of the engineering business unit of IPO.Plan, Leonberg, Germany (now IPO.Log)
  • 2020: Acquisitions in Germany: IVG Göhringer, Holzgerlingen, Precis Maschinen und Anlagen Service GmbH, Brandenburg, and AVI GmbH, Hoyerswerda
  • 2020: Acquisition of Diversified Automation (DA), Louisville, USA
  • 2021: Acquisition of Sacarbi, Joinville, Brazil
  • 2021: Acquisitions in Germany: Gunter Scholz Kommunikationstechnik, Herrnhut, Institut für Korrosions- und Schadensanalyse, Magdeburg and Schulz & Reichl Elektrobau GmbH, Roggentin
  • 2021: Acquisition of Partners in Hygiene (PiH), Darlington, UK
  • 2021: Acquisitions in the US: IMS of Belton, Cincinnati and Meiners Electric, Louisville
  • 2022: Acquisition of Castrol Industrie und Service GmbH (subsidary of Castrol), Mönchengladbach, Germany
  • 2022: Acquisition of Elmleigh Electrical Systems Limited, Leicester, UK
  • 2022: Market entry France with Leadec SAS
  • 2023: Acquisition of FISS Automatika, Debrecen, Hungary

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