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  • View of several small parcels on a conveyor belt.
  • Supporting the parcel industries and e-commerce

    Leadec supports you in optimizing the operation of your warehouses & distribution centers and reducing costs. We offer customized services from automation and installation to the maintenance of your systems.

Elevate your parcel delivery solutions

Online retail and parcel delivery has experienced steady growth and continues to overcome the many challenges experienced in recent years. Changing customer behavior and expectations are presenting the industry with new challenges, such as increasing volumes, faster shipping and growing product diversity.


Automation and retrofit

Leadec supports you with automation and software solutions as well as innovative conveyor and sorting technology, helping you to optimize your processes, reduce downtime and increase operational performance. We are integration specialists for the planning, assembly, and installation of electrical and mechanical automation systems. We also upgrade and retrofit existing sorting systems to bring them up to date and increase their efficiency.


Along the entire lifecycle

As a leading service specialist, we continue to support you during ongoing operations, whether maintenance, facility management, technical cleaning, or logistics. We can draw on more than 60 years of experience in industrial services. Our Leadec.os business platform records all processes digitally from end to end and creates seamless interfaces to the customer’s systems. This creates maximum transparency in the planning and provision of all services.

Our services

To allow our customers to concentrate on their core business, we offer comprehensive and tailored services for the e-commerce and parcel industry. Together with our specialized subsidiaries Elmleigh (UK) and Diversified Automation (USA), we have a global network and offer the same high-quality standards - no matter where.


Leadec has experience in Integrated Facility Management (FM) as a holistic, output-based service concept for industrial property management. As a business model, Integrated FM can revolutionize the way your organization operates. By outsourcing both technical and non-technical services, along with sharing tactical and strategic responsibilities with a trusted partner, Integrated FM maximizes productivity and efficiency.


  • Systems Design and Layout
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Simulation / Modeling / Emulation


  • PLC Programming Development
  • SCADA Design/Implementation
  • Sortation Software Design and Implementation
  • System Hardware Design
  • Network Architecture Development
  • Conveyor System Design 
  • Permit Drawing 
  • Data Tracking and KPIs 
  • Operations & Maintenance documentation
  • Training
  • System Support


  • Project Management
  • Electrical Installation
  • Power and Lightning 
  • Mechanical Installation
  • ATEX Installations
  • Commissioning & Start-up Support Services
  • Equipment Relocation
  • Conveyor System Fabrication
  • Panel Fabrication
  • Control Panel Assembly
  • Fieldbus Technology – Check & Troubleshooting


Equipment Maintenance

  • Inspection and preventive maintenance
  • Planned and corrective maintenance
  • Breakdown analysis
  • Spare parts management and tool management
  • TPM and shopfloor Management
  • Fluid management
  • Machine optimization
  • Statutory audits
  • Workshop management


Infrastructural Facility Management

  • Janitorial cleaning
  • Window and exterior cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Street cleaning and snow removal
  • Furniture move
  • Special project cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Internal waste stream management

Technical Facility Management

  • Facilities maintenance (maintenance, inspection, repair)
  • Technical facilities management
  • Building automation management
  • Warranty management
  • Energy management
  • Building services
  • Projects and modifications
  • Water and waste water treatment 


Automated parcel processing center

While working on a brownfield expansion project, we developed and implemented a complex automated solution for a leading material handling service company. Our team was responsible for controls, electrical engineering, panel fabrication, permitted drawing sets, electrical installation, and site deployment of a high-speed sortation system. As a result, the systems are successfully sorting over 110,000 parcels per hour, with precision and efficiency. The comprehensive project scope at this facility encompassed power and control for 700 conveyors, installation of 8 paddle sorters, 12 shoe sorters, and the design, fabrication, and deployment of 46 control panels.

Installation of parcel sortation system

For a major e-commerce fulfillment company, our team was responsible for the electrical installation of the parcel sortation system at the largest warehouse in the UK. More than 65 operatives were involved in the project, installing around 30 kilometers of conveyors. By seamlessly blending efficient project management practices with strict adherence to health and safety procedures and site protocols, our team successfully completed the project within a six-month timeframe to the client’s full satisfaction.

Maintenance of sortation equipment

To ensure that sortation equipment and facilities run smoothly and there is no downtime, Leadec offers tailored maintenance concepts. For a freight and parcel delivery company we recently took over maintenance services of the sorting systems at 20 locations throughout Germany, which Leadec optimally covers thanks to its excellent network of sites. Our scope is including a 24/7 on-call service, inspection routines, preventive maintenance activities, and spare parts management. In addition, we provide project work such as mechanical and electrical installations and retrofitting of the sorting equipment including PLC programming. 

Your advantages

Inventory reduction

of spare parts through data optimization, outsourcing/off-balancing (balance reduction)

Procurement cost reduction

through supply source optimization due to harmonized data

OEE increase

while minimizing risks due to guaranteed spare parts availability

One point of contact

during the entire project

Lower total cost of ownership

due to holistic perspective

Supplier centralization

by bundling comprehensive services and offering everything from a single source.


Want to learn more? We would be happy to hear from you.

Thomas Leitner

Vice President Business Development Manufacturing Industries

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