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      Sustainable retrofit of industrial ventilation systems

      The supply and exhaust air systems in factories are essential for ensuring continuous production. A defect or failure of the ventilation systems due to imbalance, insufficient lubrication or bearing damage can shut down production for several hours and thus cause enormous financial losses. But existing systems can be sustainably retrofitted and made fit for further intensive use.


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      Key facts

      Together with our partner, we have developed a holistic, sustainable fan concept for the retrofit of our customer’s plant. It reduces unplanned downtime through condition monitoring and thus ensures production. The fan concept consists of a combination of digital lubricant monitoring and intelligent vibration monitoring, which indicates damage at an early stage.

      New hardware

      In addition to the software solutions, the V-belt was replaced by a toothed belt in the drive of the system and a 3D motor slide base was used. A synchronous reluctance motor was also installed. This increases energy efficiency enormously, so that the retrofit of six ventilation systems alone reduced CO2 emissions by 62 metric tons.

      Cost savings

      The costs for unplanned maintenance and servicing and the associated production downtime (depending on the area) were reduced by up to €145,000.

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