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  • With a workforce of 22,000 employees spanning the globe, our company benefits from a wealth of unique knowledge and perspectives. We recognize and embrace the diverse range of mindsets, experiences, perspectives, and lifestyles within our organization.
  • Diversity makes us strong

    With a workforce of 22,000 employees spanning the globe, our company benefits from a wealth of unique knowledge and perspectives. We recognize and embrace the diverse range of mindsets, experiences, perspectives, and lifestyles within our organization.

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Diversity and Inclusion

At Leadec, we promote a diverse workforce, equal opportunities and a welcoming workplace for all. Diversity, equity and inclusion play an important role in achieving our overall vision to be the leading service specialist for the factory of today and tomorrow. To succeed in the future, we require diverse perspectives and voices, an inclusive culture to be an attractive place to work to a broad range of talents and the flexibility to successfully work with a variety of people wherever we conduct business.


Our guiding principles

A workplace where everyone is equally welcome, regardless of age, gender and gender identity, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, cultural background or socioeconomic status, this is the goal of Leadec's diversity and inclusion activities. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive environment at Leadec in which all employees feel respected, accepted, fairly treated, and valued. We set goals to live up to that ambition and implement actions for the ongoing development of a working environment built on the premises of diversity & inclusion. Our D&I requirements are based on national and international provisions and conventions, including the principles of the UN sustainability development goals (SDG). 


The Leadec Group Board of Management has defined the following guiding principles on D&I. They guide our work towards a diverse and inclusive company. Our current fields of action focus on increasing the number of women in top 100 leadership levels. We are aiming for a quota of 30% by 2030. In addition, we intend to reflect the internationality of our company in the diversity of our employees regarding nationalities, race and cultural background – at employee and management levels.

Diversity: an integral part of our identity

Diversity of our employees, equity and inclusion are an integral part of Leadec’s identity. We embrace and encourage diversity among our workforce and believe that we can only stay competitive by drawing on the skills, experience, and performance of people from a variety of backgrounds. We search for the brightest talent, regardless of age, gender and gender identity, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, cultural background or socioeconomic status. At Leadec, individual differences and unique abilities are considered assets that make our company a stronger one.

We offer fair treatment

We are committed towards removing discrimination across all our employee practices including recruitment and selection, performance management and promotion, opportunities for training, pay and benefits

We strive for balanced representation of different employee groups

Diversity and inclusion are sources of best-in-class solutions, innovation and creativity, all of which are essential to our future success. Diverse teams have the best preconditions for high performance in times of transformation and change. To positively impact results and performance, as well as our leadership and company culture, we aim for balanced representation of different employee groups across all functions and levels of the organization, especially (top) leadership levels.

We ensure an inclusive culture

Our employees reflect the societies we live and work in and our business and customers come from. Creating a trulyinclusive environment where employees of all genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, abilities and orientations feel seen, welcome and able to contribute is core to being able to create a great place to work. We want Leadec to be that place.

Management priority

D&I is a shared responsibility that affects many areas of the company. The top management sees it as its responsibility to appreciate the intrinsic potential residing in our diversity, and utilizing it advantageously for our organization. We see diversity & inclusion as business critical and not only a compliance necessity.

"My Journey": development has many faces

"My Journey" is an insightful interview series that focuses on the different development paths within our global company. We highlight people from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences, and show their unique path to success. Each episode explores the personal and professional challenges faced by these remarkable individuals, highlighting how their diverse perspectives have shaped their career trajectories. Find three examples here. And more in our Leadec Pulse

Carolin (Germany)

Dedicated to IT and project managament

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Anagha (India)

Real all-rounder with passion for HR

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Krzysztof (Poland)

From apprentice to project manager

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D&I insights worldwide

At Leadec, various local measures around diversity and inclusion have been underway for several years. Our local colleagues work consistently to identify and implement the projects that are best suited to their country or region. These and other diversity projects around the world are helping to break down barriers and create a culture of acceptance and inclusion. They show that diversity is a valuable asset and that by bringing together different perspectives and backgrounds, we can build a stronger and more equitable society.

Leadec signs "Charta der Vielfalt"

Leadec is one of the signing companies of the "Charta der Vielfalt". In doing so, we are sending a clear signal for diversity and tolerance in the working world and signaling the appreciation of all employees regardless of age, ethnic origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and ideology, sexual orientation and social origin. 



Leadec Women in Manufacturing

“Limitless” – that was the topic of Leadec’s first Women in Manufacturing Summit in the US. 52 women of Leadec in all roles came together in Cincinnati, OH or participated virtually to engage, contribute, and learn from colleagues from around the country in an open and empowering environment. For a day and a half, the women were able to participate in professional development sessions with internal and external speakers.  


More about D&I in the US

Project "Elas PODEM"

A few weeks ago, our colleagues in Brazil introduced the “Elas PODEM” program, a development program for women in maintenance. With five modules, covering electrical, hydraulics, civil, HVAC, and management, the program offers comprehensive training as well as support and mentoring from Leadec's HR team. The first class has already successfully completed the training. And we are very proud of these amazing women. 


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Partnership with USO

USO is a not-for-profit organization strengthening America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home, and country. What comes after serving in the U.S. Army? Many military personnel and their families choose to remain in the country and pursue civilian careers. What they need is information about industries, career paths, how to file a VA Claim overseas, and similar topics. Leadec supports USO’s Transition Program in Germany and other European countries, offering professional development services throughout the duration of the service member or military spouse’s career, as well as when they transition out of the military and settle into their new communities.

60-day challenge

In 2022, Leadec celebrated its 60th anniversary. Leadec employees worldwide were called upon to suggest a project that was particularly close to their hearts. A total of 50 suggestions were submitted in the categories of education, environment, and health and safety, from which six initiatives were ultimately selected. All employees were encouraged to walk, run or bike and thus raise donations for the projects. In total, over 38,000 kilometers were covered in the 60 days, which is longer than the distance from Germany to Australia and back again.


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    The semiconductor industry is growing strongly. Manufacturers have their sights firmly set on Europe. And technical services for the fab have a special role to play. In this interview, Dana Nikolaj, Business Director Semiconductor, provides insights into the business and the opportunities for Leadec.

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    LARA App

    Have you ever wondered how asset mapping can be made completely digital? For example, with Leadec's self-developed app LARA. In the video, our employees demonstrate how it works. 

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    “The Future Belongs to Integrated Facility Management"

    Integrated Facility Management (IFM) is more than a trend. It is the next evolutionary step to ensure that facility management in companies is optimized, adding real value. In this interview, Dr. Christoph Jaschinski, responsible for Global Business Development at Leadec, explains why.

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    Carolin’s Journey: from working student to IT project manager

    Carolin has been working in IT at Leadec in Germany for four years. She started as a working student and now manages IT projects independently.

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    "Our Strength is Our Responsiveness"

    Ulrich Haas is the managing director of Leadec’s newest subsidiary in France. In this interview, he talks about the opportunities and challenges of the market and where the company’s focus lies.

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    Asra’s Journey: Growing Responsibility

    Asra has been responsible for various financial topics at Leadec in England since 2019. The opportunity for personal development is a high priority for her.

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    Leadec Factory Talks – Episode 5: Sustainable production

    How does a factory become climate-neutral? And how can manufacturers and service provider work together on the zero-emission factory? Find out in episode 5 of our Factory Talks.

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    Wei’s journey: from controlling manager to finance director

    Wei from China started her career in the controlling department in 2013 and since 2020 she has been finance director for China with a team of 10. She particularly appreciates the open communication.

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    Leadec Factory Talks – Episode 4: E-commerce industry

    Online retail is booming and with it parcel shipping. Worldwide, this has led to many challenges for the (express) parcel industry – delivering more with less. What solutions are there and where is development heading in the future? Find out in episode 4 of our Factory Talks.

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    Safety at Leadec: Interview with Gordana Djurdjevic

    Gordana Djurdjevic is Corporate Environmental Health and Safety Manager at Leadec for the USA and Canada. In this interview, she reveals her philosophy and talks about the role played by occupational safety in the modern production environment. 

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    Anagha’s Journey: from administrator to Assistant General Manager – HR & Admin

    For Anagha, the journey at Leadec started in Pune, India, in 2009, where she initially assisted in setting up the new site and has since built up and continuously expanded her knowledge and passion for HR.

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    Leadec Factory Talks – Episode 3: In-plant Logistics

    Logistics is a broad field and from the gate onwards, inside the factory, it becomes really exciting. How digitized and automated is the tracking of goods? How do you rule out errors and how can you ensure that production doesn’t come to a standstill but continues through?

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    Leadec Factory Talks – Episode 2: Factory Planning

    State-of-the-art factories are expected to run more efficiently and place new demands on their operators. From networked production processes and a high degree of automation to close cooperation with customers and suppliers. What does this mean for the field of production planning?

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    Leadec Factory Talks – Episode 1: E-Mobility

    Alternative drives and, above all, electromobility are the automotive industry’s innovation drivers. Battery production is one of the biggest challenges in this regard. What solutions are there? Find out in episode 1 of our Factory Talks.

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    Interview: 60 Years of Leadec

    In 2022, Leadec will celebrate its 60th anniversary. In an interview with Markus Glaser-Gallion, CEO of Leadec, we talk about the past years and how he sees the future of the service specialist for the factory. 

  • Interview

    Elia’s journey: from temp to vice president

    Elia from the USA has been part of the team for more than 25 years. He started in 1996 as a temporary weekend technical cleaner and is now Vice President of Human Resources for North America.

  • Interview

    Lennart’s journey: from dual student to team leader

    Lennart joined Leadec for his dual master’s degree. He stayed on and is now a team manager responsible for process optimization globally.

  • Interview

    Krzysztof’s Journey: from apprentice to project manager

    Krzysztof has been working at Leadec in Poland since his vocational training. In 14 years, he has seen a lot and achieved even more.

  • Interview

    The Golden Age of Industrial Services?

    What is the added value of battery manufacturing services? Dr. Christoph Jaschinski, Global Head of Business Development gives an assessment of where the market is heading. 

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    Digital and Physical Spare Parts Management by Leadec and Sparetech

    How can both be combinated? ​Sparetech ensures a complete and error-free database with its software while Leadec takes care of spare parts management and production equipment maintenance.​ Learn more in the video. 

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    Background: Leadec and DA

    A surprising M&A announcement at the end of the year: Leadec has acquired US company Diversified Automation. In a joint interview, founder and CEO Tony Young and Leadec CEO Markus Glaser-Gallion report on the reasons behind the move, opportunities and future prospects.

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    One Year of Smart Factory Group

    Since June 2019, Leadec has had its own innovation hub dealing with the digital transformation. The “Smart Factory Group” develops digital service offers, serves as a platform for the exchange with external technology partners and promotes digitization inside the company.

  • Interview

    Modern Leadership?

    In the corona crisis, many companies have expanded the possibilities for working from home and other forms of mobile working. For many companies this was a leap into the unknown. Christof Baumgart, responsible for Global Human Resources at Leadec, gives an assessment of compulsory attendance, strong leadership and basic requirements.

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    How does an industrial service provider go digital?

    We harmonize and standardize our Service Execution processes and support them by the digital solution “Salesforce”.