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      IoT Strategy Assessment

      Operational and equipment data in the factory are a real treasure when it comes to generating additional value. Companies that want to take advantage of IoT technologies, for example, to optimize business processes, tap into new sources of revenue or achieve competitive advantages, first and foremost need one thing: accurate information about their own IoT maturity level. An IoT strategy assessment creates the basis for this.


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      Key facts

      • Day 1: Provision of data & information
      • Day 2–4: Discussions on the initial situation and data review
      • Day 5–13: Assessments, technology (IT)/departments involved
      • Day 13–14: Evaluation of assessments (Leadec)
      • Day 15–19: Workshops, anomaly detection, OEE, production plan & optimization, predictive maintenance
      • Day 20–24: Documentation and presentation of roadmap

      Leadec is your IoT strategy partner and conducts the IoT strategy assessment together with you to develop the roadmap to the data-driven shop floor. The goal is to maximize the potential from the collected and analyzed data.

      IoT strategy assesment schedule

      1. Actual situation

      We take a close look at your production environment and focus on all information and documents that reflect the currents status of your production machines in terms of function and connectivity.

      • Production linkes and their machines
      • Production challenges
      • State of IT and systems
      • Objective
      • Selection of stakeholders

      2. Assessment

      In the assessment, we work together to develop potential IoT use cases with the greatest possible benefit for your production environment and collect further detailed information from the departments concerned.

      • Assessment of the initial situation
      • IoT use cases and their potential benefits
      • Stakeholders' goals and requirements

      3. Target and roadmap

      In our workshops, we define the target structure as well as the framework conditions for a successful implementation, taking into account the goals, costs and scaling.

      • Development of target structure
      • Selection of use cases
      • Preparation of the implementation plan and milestones
      • Estimation of projext and operating costs
      • Scaling strategy

      4. Results

      In the final presentation of the results of the IoT strategy assessment, you will receive a concrete implementation plan that contains both the next possible steps for your IoT strategy and a summary of all the insights gained. 


      • Final presentation of the results
      • Proposals for concrete measures and next steps

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