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  • Two Leadec employees in protective clothing repairing a defective battery, in front of them a warning sign for working under high voltage.
  • Our services in the field of electric vehicles

    Together with our customers in the field of electric driving we have been shaping the transformation of the automotive industry. With the increasing conversion to battery-powered vehicles, we are facing new challenges every day and support the expansion of production capacities in the area of battery assembly.

Whitepaper: Lithium-ion battery repair

The service life of a battery can be extended through repair and reuse. This makes sense from both an ecological and an economic point of view.


Learn more about the development of repair lines and the challenges of the circular battery economy in our new whitepaper.


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Our services in the field of electric vehicles

In the course of powertrain electrification, new production facilities are being built worldwide. Whether planning, optimization or maintenance of the cell factory, the battery factory or electric vehicle factory, the peripheral logistics including the charging infrastructure – Leadec contributes its expertise to support the industry in its transformation process. The world’s automotive factories are our home. We are shaping the industry’s transformation together with our electric mobility customers and cell producers.

Are we "battery consultants"?

Battery consulting plays a pivotal role in the transformation of the automotive industry. Leadec supports manufacturers along the entire value chain, from battery cells and battery pack systems through to the final assembly of battery-powered vehicles. Services such as engineering, assembly line maintenance, pre-assembly resources, and supply logistics are key focus areas for us.

It's all about the battery – current projects

The battery is an electric vehicle’s central component. It accounts for 30 to 40 percent of the added value, and the cells in turn account for 60 to 80 percent of this. Battery production is a new territory for many OEMs. Leadec has been gaining experience in this field for years and has proven its competence. ­ 

Factory planning for battery manufacturer

Solid-state batteries are the new stars in the battery sky: fire- and explosion-proof, 15-year lifespan and cheap to produce. In Saxony (Germany), the company Altech wants to manufacture the new batteries. Leadec is responsible for the planning of plants and production processes for the future-oriented manufacturing site. The Altech's Group future production plant is expected to produce 10,000 battery modules per year, each with a capacity of 10 kWh. There are many possible applications for the solid-state batteries.


The batteries will be used in stationary energy storage systems, for example for renewable energies (wind, solar), as a component of the charging infrastructure for e-vehicles and in industry. Batteries also serve as home energy storage systems to provide a buffer between power generation and power consumption. And last but not least, electricity suppliers can avoid peak load capping in their megaparks.


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Building up battery production

With planning services, Leadec has supported the Volkswagen Group Components plant in Braunschweig in building up the battery production. The supporting tasks include planning and setting up the fully automated MEB HV battery assembly lines including testing facilities. Up to 500,000 batteries for models based on the modular electric drive matrix (MEB) are assembled annually at the Braunschweig plant. Series production of MEB batteries takes place using state-of-the-art, largely fully automated production facilities in a 40,000-square-meter manufacturing hall. 


Leadec has been involved in the project for Volkswagen since 2018 and has accompanied it through all project phases to its current status. And we continue to contribute our jointly acquired know-how to plan further production lines.


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Pre-assembly and logistics

Sophisticated lithium-ion batteries for plug-in hybrids or all-electric vehicles are built in Kamenz near Dresden. Within a few months, Leadec planned and implemented a service model for the pre-assembly of different battery pack housings here at its own site outside the factory premises. The innovative supply concept includes just-in-sequence delivery as well as cratings and quality management.


The customer was able to concentrate entirely on setting up its assembly lines for the electric vehicle batteries. We took over the upstream component assembly and were thus able to make an important contribution to shortening the time to market. 


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Battery line maintenance

Leadec is responsible for the entire production equipment maintenance for the assembly lines in a plant in Jawor, Poland. 


Due to Leadec’s expertise in handling new technologies for a battery line, renowned references in the field of maintenance in the region, and innovative approaches, Leadec prevailed over several competitors. Our service includes production equipment maintenance for assembly lines on which automotive battery systems are assembled and the associated automated guided vehicles.

Battery repair for electric vans

Since September 2022, Leadec has been responsible for the repair of high-voltage batteries of electric vans at its Hoyerswerda site. The industrial service specialist is thus expanding its range of services in the battery segment. 


The heart of an electric van is the lithium-ion batteries. In the event of a defect, they are not recycled directly but are now repaired by Leadec in Hoyerswerda. Defective batteries of an automobile manufacturer are delivered there from European markets and repaired within a narrow time frame. The battery is not only the most expensive but also the most raw material-intensive component of an electric drive. With the repair, we are making a significant contribution to greater sustainability and resource conservation.


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Factory Talk about EV

Alternative drives and, above all, electromobility are the automotive industry’s innovation drivers. Battery production is one of the biggest challenges in this regard. What solutions are there? Find out in episode 1 of our Factory Talks.

Why choose Leadec?

We support the transformation of automotive manufacturers

We cover the complete value chain of battery production

We have expertise in European standards for battery production

Driving the future of electrification

Leadec acts with its services for electric vehicles and especially for batteries as a consultant for e-mobility strategy. This knowledge is integral to the automotive industry's shift towards electrification. Our expertise in planning, optimizing, and maintaining various aspects of electric vehicle production, from the battery to the final assembly, positions them as key players in this transformative era. We are commited to innovation, efficiency and sustainability as we move towards a more electrified future.

More about EV at Leadec

  • An electric vehicle at a charging station with a plugin.

    No Charging Without Charging Stations

    More and more electric vehicles are on Germany’s roads. And they are hungry for electricity! Preferably available quickly and everywhere. As a technical specialist, Leadec is also on the road, installing, monitoring, and maintaining charging stations for a major car manufacturer to meet the demand.

  • Interview

    “The Complete Automotive Industry is Transforming”

    Manufacturers are working to make the transition to electric vehicles. Leadec is right in the middle of it. In this interview, Alexander Doebelin, Vice President E-Mobility in Global Business Development, provides insights into the business and explains where Leadec’s strengths lie in this area.

  • Interview

    “Standard Processes Are of No Use to Us in European Semiconductor Manufacturing”

    The semiconductor industry is growing strongly. Manufacturers have their sights firmly set on Europe. And technical services for the fab have a special role to play. In this interview, Dana Nikolaj, Business Director Semiconductor, provides insights into the business and the opportunities for Leadec.

  • Interview

    "Our Strength is Our Responsiveness"

    Ulrich Haas is the managing director of Leadec’s newest subsidiary in France. In this interview, he talks about the opportunities and challenges of the market and where the company’s focus lies.

  • Video

    Experts in the World of Manufacturing: Leadec Factory Talks

    Do you know our interview series “Factory Talks”? Leadec experts around the world talk about topics that are affecting factories and production (plants).

  • Leadec employee checks a defective battery, in the foreground a warning sign for working under high voltage.

    A Second Life for the Battery

    The battery is the heart of an electric vehicle: not only is it the most important component, but also the most expensive, raw material-intensive one. An intelligent battery management system usually ensures a long life. Nevertheless, a defect cannot be ruled out. In such a case, however, the battery does not have to be recycled directly – the alternative is to repair it.

  • Two people are sitting in front of a screen and are working on the planning of a factory.

    A Factory for Long-Life Power Batteries

    In Saxony (Germany), the Altech wants to manufacture new solid-state batteries. Leadec is responsible for the planning of plants and production processes for the future-oriented manufacturing.

  • Article

    Rickshaw and Co.: E-Mobility on the Indian Market

    By 2030, nearly ten percent of the electric vehicles produced worldwide will be on India’s roads. A market that is currently still in its early stages, but which has enormous potential. What does this mean for Leadec?

  • A virtual illustration of a factory with an assembly line and robot arms.

    "Digital Factory Experience": Virtual Insight Into the Digitized Factory

    From autonomous transport systems to digital weld seam testing - Leadec's range of products and services for the smart factory can now be experienced in a simulated environment. This is now available with a tour on the online platform "Digital Factory Experience".

  • View of an electric car battery.

    Innovation, Recycling and the Like – Current Trends in Battery Production

    Six months have passed since Battery Show Europe 2021 - almost an eternity in this field. Since the last show, we have realized new projects and also held many technical discussions with companies, associations and research institutions. In the process, four trends for the factory have emerged.

  • Brochure

    Sustainability Report 2021

    Our sustainability program centers around four strategic commitments: managing our environmental impact, acting responsibly toward our employees and society, maintaining integrity as well as adding longterm customer value. Read more in our Sustainability Report. 

  • Video

    Leadec Factory Talks – Episode 1: E-Mobility

    Alternative drives and, above all, electromobility are the automotive industry’s innovation drivers. Battery production is one of the biggest challenges in this regard. What solutions are there? Find out in episode 1 of our Factory Talks.

  • Interview

    Interview: 60 Years of Leadec

    In 2022, Leadec will celebrate its 60th anniversary. In an interview with Markus Glaser-Gallion, CEO of Leadec, we talk about the past years and how he sees the future of the service specialist for the factory. 

  • Detailed view of a battery for electric vehicles.

    Quick Survey: Personnel Requirements for Electromobility

    Everyone is talking about the transformation of the automotive industry toward electromobility. But what significance does this have for personnel service providers now, and what demand do they expect? You will find some results in our latest survey.

  • Video

    Leadec's Services in the Field of E-mobility

    Battery production is revolutionizing automotive production. New production technologies, data availability and line analytics as well as the reduction of manual work at one hand, and the need for qualified staff on the other hand are major challenges for electric vehicle plants.

  • A Leadec employee configures an inverter at a conveyor belt.

    Automobilwoche article: Winner of transformation

    Many automakers and automotive suppliers are struggling with the transition to electromobility. This is not the case with the industrial service provider Leadec.Read the full article which was originally published in "Automobilwoche"

  • Video

    Life Cycle Solutions from Leadec

    The complexity of factories worldwide is constantly increasing: data overflow, no obvious synergies, countless contact persons – it’s incredibly hard to keep track of everything. The solution: one reliable and experienced partner along the entire life cycle of a factory.

  • Article

    The Power Lies in the Electrics

    What is actually behind a "battery" in an electric vehicle? We clarify the most important components: cell, module and pack.

  • Interview

    The Golden Age of Industrial Services?

    What is the added value of battery manufacturing services? Dr. Christoph Jaschinski, Global Head of Business Development gives an assessment of where the market is heading. 

  • Article

    Going Green on Four Wheels is Not Enough

    Can a modern engine plant, beehives, electric vehicles and a water management act go together? In Győr, Hungary, they certainly can. There, for Leadec at Audi Hungaria, much revolves around sustainable production and environmental protection.

  • Article

    Whitepaper Technical Services Battery Production

    Batteries are the key technology for future drives. What does this mean for the factory, and what special challenges does the production of the batteries entail? Together with the market research institute Lünendonk, Leadec has prepared a white paper that answers these questions, among others.

  • Article

    Standing in Battery Line

    Batteries for electric cars are the neuralgic point in production. Without them, nothing works. And with them, production is a real challenge. 

  • E-mobility services

    Facing E-Mobility

    Whether planning, optimization or maintenance of the cell factory, the battery factory or the electric vehicle factory as well as peripheral logistics including the charging infrastructure – Leadec contributes its expertise to support the industry in its transformation process.

  • Brochure

    Intelligent Services for your Success. We love your factory.

    A reliable partner, experienced expert and innovator: Find out more in our corporate brochure.


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