• We support you to ensure a smooth production

    Who offers comprehensive services for your production? We do at Leadec

  • We support you in installung new systems and robots

    From the very start. Install

  • We really care about your production facility

    So that it runs smoothly. Maintain

  • We create an ideal environment for a trouble-free production

    And the environment is right. Support

  • We update your systems and drive the digitalization forward

    For improving processes. Digitize and optimize

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Electrical installation

Rely on our professional electrical services. We assemble, install and wire entire manufacturing facilities, individual production units and safety-related elements.

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Discover the potential of your processes. We develop and realize automation solutions tailored precisely to the conditions and objectives of your production.

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Disassembly and reassembly

Ensure the quality of your production. We relocate complete manufacturing lines and individual production units - on schedule, safely and through to successful acceptance inspection.

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Production equipment maintenance

Ensure the performance of your manufacturing facilities. We plan, realize and organize customized maintenance concepts for technical and administrative procedures.

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Technical cleaning

Maintain the value of your facility. With decades of experience, modern expertise and cutting-edge cleaning processes we realize tailor-made cleaning concepts for your production.

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Technical Facility Management

Create an optimum working environment. We take care of the operation and maintenance, inspection and repairs of your building services facilities or develop customized concepts for upgrading them.

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Infrastructural Facility Management

Safeguard the value and attractiveness of your building. We undertake the proper cleaning and care of your entire production infrastructure.

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Internal logistics

Perfect your internal processes. Whether material scheduling, transport or storage, we carry out all logistics tasks inside and outside your production building.

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Digital optimization options

Leadec is an experienced industry insider, service provider and astute partner that always keeps a watchful eye on coming developments and continuously expands its range of services.

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Who keeps your production going? We do at Leadec.

Employees at Leadec talk about their work

Our services. And the people behind them.

At Leadec, we bring together a unique combination of customized services and qualified personnel. Who are we and what do we do for our customers on a day-to-day basis? See for yourself.

Our services in your production: Install, Maintain, Support and Digitize & Optimize

Our workforce of around 20,000 supports the processes of our customers with innovative solutions, great dedication and the kind of expertise that only a company with over 50 years of experience, primarily in the automotive sector, can offer. The unique combination of customized services and highly qualified teams makes us the preferred partner to the manufacturing industry.