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About Leadec

Our 16.600 strong workforce supports the processes of our customers in the automotive industry worldwide with innovative solutions, great dedication and the kind of expertise that only a company with over 50 years of experience in the automotive sector can offer. A unique combination of customized services and highly qualified personnel makes us the preferred partner of automobile manufacturers and automotive industry suppliers.

We go the extra mile

  • Industries that thrive on progress require a service provider that presses ahead and keeps things moving. Therefore, we are now launching Leadec: the new global player for services in the field of manufacturing industries.

  • Leadec emerged from Voith Industrial Services in January 2017. This gives the new brand over 50 years of service experience.

  • We make ancillary processes our core business, so that our customers are relieved of worries and can focus completely on their core purpose.

  • Our leading edge services enable them to keep ahead. Driven by our passion for technology, our expertise and long experience in the automotive servicing sector, we support manufacturers and suppliers worldwide in making their production more reliable, more efficient and better.

  • Because we work for the best in business, we possess profound knowledge and innovative processes.

  • In our global network we benefit from continuous transfer of service know-how.

The most important milestones in our history

  • 1962: Founding of the company in Munich, Germany. Core activities: technical cleaning and maintenance
  • 1985: Company renamed Deutsche Industriewartung GmbH & Co. KG
  • 2000: Voith aquires DIW and establishes the division Voith Industrial Services
  • 2005: Expansion into America through the aquisition of Premier Group, Cincinnati, USA
  • 2006: Majority takeover of Hörmann Industrietechnik, Kirchseeon, Germany
  • 2009: Expansion into Asia through the establishment of company in China
  • 2013: Takeover of ThyssenKrupp Services in UK
  • 2014: Aquisition of Helix Systems, Bessemer, USA
  • 2017: Voith Industrial Services is now know as Leadec, owned by private equity company Triton

Code of Conduct

Leadec’s corporate culture is based firmly on our values: respect, team orientation, openness, integrity, responsibility and humility. These are what shape our culture. Our day-today interactions are characterized by professionalism, reliability, customer focus, security and compliance. In the sense of an entrepreneurial spirit, these fundamental principles are followed throughout the entire organization, to increase the company value, to grow profitably, to achieve sustainable performance, to inspire customers, to create a strong identity and to ensure employees are engaged. 

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