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Retrofit: Cool for the climate instead of blazing hot

With a cooling water system, plants and machines are brought to the temperature required for them to run smoothly. A lot of energy can be saved here with intelligent control technology. Leadec and Getec have put this into practice at a production company.

The central task of industrial chillers is to cool water to a lower temperature and thus make it ready for further use. Behind this is a well-thought-out combination of technology and the coordination of the individual factors such as pumps, heat exchangers and piping. In one production company, precisely this system for supplying cooling water was no longer up to date and the control system for supplying machines and induction furnaces was outdated. Leadec’s and Getec’s solution: upgrading the energy efficiency of the cooling unit. This was not only intended to reconcile sustainability and economic efficiency, but also to take a step toward climate-neutral production.


Structured approach hand in hand

Getec’s experts first analyzed the processes and structures of production and technology. In the process, energy-saving and efficiency measures were identified specifically, such as reducing pump output by balancing water volumes, and also adjusting the network temperature and thus reducing fan output. In addition, a new cooling unit with high-efficiency EC fans was installed. Leadec developed and implemented smart and efficient maintenance solutions. They are designed to ensure the smooth operation, sustainability and value retention of the plants and also to guarantee them beyond the contract period of ten years.


The ENCORE program

The basis for this modernization project is the Getec ENCORE program (ENergy COst REduction). The program enables the completely off-balance sheet implementation of energy efficiency measures. Getec and Leadec guarantee a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions and savings in energy, maintenance and other operating costs. The additional added value: No use of the company’s own capital is necessary. All investments are off-balance sheet, even according to IFRS 16 standards. The entire ENCORE services can be tracked completely transparently in the open-book process.


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