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Dealing with COVID-19 and Focusing on the Future

At Leadec, our heart beats for our customers’ factories. This includes wanting to be the preferred industrial service partner for the manufacturing industry and to provide solutions for our customers that have a positive impact on the factory of the future. We can't think of a time when this is more important than now!

Coronavirus has spread around the world and is impacting every aspect of daily life. Leadec acted early and will continue to act proactively. Our first priority has always been to protect the health and well-being of our employees, their families, our partners, and our clients. We are a people-business, and we deliver services by people, for people. We have preventively increased safety and hygiene measures at our sites, as well as requiring our employees to work from home when and if they can.


Through these measures we continue to fulfill our agreements with our customers and deliver our services. We are aware that industrial companies are struggling with this situation right now. Nevertheless, the focus is on the future; we are prepared to support the manufacturing industry with services to restart production after the shutdowns – everywhere and at any time. Here at Leadec, our commitment will continue to be for our employees, our customers, and suppliers in the same way that we have proven in the past.

At this point, we would like to share some of our activities during this crisis – perhaps they can be helpful to others. First of all, we have established a global Corona Coordination Team to help facilitate all of our company actions at more than 250 sites around the world. We are constantly reviewing and adopting our work safety and hygienic standards based on latest recommendations and customer requirements. At our sites, we have reduced the density of our work force to assure social distancing guidelines. We provide our employees with information on several channels such as e-mail, videos, printed postings on-site, articles posted onto our employee app or on our intranet – and of course doing live video calls. It is absolutely necessary to involve representatives from different business areas. Doing so, companies can ensure that no aspect of crisis management is missed.


Leadec has a more than 50-year history in industrial services for the manufacturing industry around the world. This time came unprecedented, so nobody has a proven way of handling this situation – we all work it out as we go and exchange our experiences to create the best possible plan. We will remain the reliable partners that we have always been. We should all stand side by side to bundle our strengths – because that is what matters now.