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Leadec – A Software Developer?

How digital is an industry service provider? There is a lot of IT in production control, resource scheduling and plant design. In Chemnitz, for example, there are Leadec innovators who sell their software solutions as far away as Mexico.

In a new plant in Mexico axels need to be monted. The control software comes from Leadec. Therefore the jitCATS manufacturing controls were adapted to the needs of this plant. Leadec sets up the software for the individual assembly and testing stations as well as for inward transfer, rework and shipping. The experts then brought the production control software into operation for the assembly of the rear axles, the front corner module and the struts. Leadec was responsible for the entire process development and the implementation of the manufacturing execution system. 


Want another example of production IT?

An automobile manufacturer had to reduce the cycle time by 10 percent for a robot cell bottleneck in shell construction for doors and hatchbacks. There were two options. Either acquire and install additional robots or optimize the robot programming. Once again, the specialists from the Manufacturing Engineering department went to work. They analyzed the current status and used their own robCONTROL software to calculate how the robot cycle time can be reduced through shorter locking times and optimized traveling distances. “Of course, we simulated the optimized programming in test runs initially and only then installed it in the robot controls,” reports Georg Rudolph, Manager Robotics and Leadec Education Center. Commissioning and shift assistance were also part of the all-round carefree package for the customer.

In Chemnitz, Leadec provides solutions for the intelligent factory of tomorrow – from planning to realization to commissioning. Along with OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. The target customers are mid-sized companies that are beginning to realize that they need to move towards Industry 4.0. However, these customers don’t need a ‘Swiss Army knife’ solution, but rather affordable, solid solutions that they can scale later. Leadec's engineering solutions are completely transferable to other regions and markets in Europe, in the USA and Mexico, and in China.

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