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2020 was an exceptional year. However, there is no exception when it comes to sustainability. A look at Leadec’s 2020 Sustainability Report and an outlook to 2025.

If you want to describe the year 2020, you might think of the sapphire blue sky last summer, without a single contrail. Of the clean canals in Venice. Of the improved air quality in some urban centers. This happened incidentally, brought about by a global shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. The key figures in sustainability reports will reflect this. After all, business trips not taken and production downtime are noticeable. But sustainability is characterized by not registering short-term successes. And reports will document over the next few years whether and what visible lessons have been learned from the pandemic. Be it in terms of emissions, employee protection or cooperation with customers.


Responsibility on site

Leadec has defined four pillars of responsible action: managing our environmental impact, taking care of our employees and society, maintaining integrity, and adding long-term customer value. As a service expert, we do not operate our own production facilities, but our experts are on the road every day at our more than 300 locations around the world. It is therefore all the more important that they all consider and reinforce the principle of sustainability in their daily work. To this end, we at Leadec rely on anchoring the messages and aspirations decentrally in the divisions. We achieve this through a global network in which a dedicated sustainability team operates and exchanges information with around 2,000 health & safety managers. Leadec’s Board of Management bears ultimate responsibility for sustainability.


Highlights 2020

We think in the long term and have defined targets for the four core areas that we want to achieve by 2025. We are working consistently toward these goals. For example, Leadec is aiming for a figure of less than 1.5 accidents per million working hours. We currently have 1.7 accidents here, which is already well below the industry average of 5.4. In the area of environmental protection, Leadec reduced total energy consumption by 20% and waste produced by 25% in 2020. We obtained 41% of our electricity from renewable sources. We still see great potential here to increase this figure. But we also want to be a strong and reliable partner for our customers so that they can achieve their environmental goals. Leadec develops new services, such as digital waste tracking, or offers support in the area of energy and fluid management in cooperation with specialized partners such as GETEC or Castrol.


Think and act holistically

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically and wrongly obscured the issue of environmental protection. Climate change and its consequences are more urgent than ever. We have been brought even closer to our stakeholders by this sense of urgency. Leadec is using this energy to drive the sustainability argument at all levels and to raise awareness of the global challenge we face here – starting with ourselves. Among other things, by continuing to convert our fleet to electric vehicles, we aim to reduce CO2 emissions by a further 15% relative to total output. By 2025, 65% of our electricity is to come from renewable sources. And we are involving our suppliers as well as our customers: Currently, 71% of Leadec’s top 100 suppliers have committed to the Code of Conduct and the sustainability policy. Our goal? 100 percent!

About Leadec’s Sustainability Report

Leadec is now publishing its Sustainability Report for the third time. With it, the company informs customers, employees and partners about current activities and future measures. For the first time, the Sustainability Report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI 102 Standard.


Sustainability Report 2020



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