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Nothing but Clean Air

After the worldwide stop of production, plants are gradually reopening. For Leadec, this reopening began at locations in China, where, Leadec employees are responsible for the maintenance of filter systems, among other things.

During the processing of metal, fine dust gets dispersed into the air. To protect our employees and our processes, industrial extraction systems extract and filter the unwanted particles from the production halls; what remains is clean air, which for example, can be reused as a heat source.


Leadec takes care of the maintenance and repair of these filter systems worldwide, even during the Corona pandemic. These services are part of everyday business and is crucial to provide optimal support for the restart of the factories. Our colleagues from China will give you a brief insight into what this actually looks like.


The 30 Minute Dress Code

The day begins with putting on protective clothing; the employees first put on glasses, mask, suit, shoes, and gloves with extra care to protect themselves against the dust that has built up. It can take up to half an hour before they are ready to go. Although tedious, this is the only way to guarantee that work can be carried out reliably and safely over several hours.


Hard Work Inside

Depending on the service life and intensity of use, dust is released when the system is opened and the filters are cleaned. After a shutdown of several weeks the layers have become very brittle and Leadec employees must handle the various components with extreme care. Then, after successful removal of the surface and deep dust, the filters are ready for the next application and finally production can begin again.


Sweat Until the End

The combination of the mask, protective clothing, and working under high pressure naturally produces one or two beads of sweat. "For me such a day is nevertheless very fulfilling," says a Leadec colleague on site in the evenings. "We see what we have achieved and are motivated to ensure an top result even under difficult conditions”