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Technical Services and Sustainability – No Contradiction

Our services are not just based on excellent quality, but also on an intelligent sustainability concept. For its customers in Hungary, Leadec offers the use of resource-efficient technologies as well as the support for environmental projects. At the locations in Győr, Miskolc and Szentgotthárd the actively caring for green spaces and beehives is among other initiatives part of the daily work of the Leadec team.


The issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important for manufacturing companies and, therefore, for their service providers too. Leadec ensures that doesn’t just meet environmental obligations in delivering its technical services, but also uses resource-efficient and environmentally sound technologies. These range from generating electricity from renewable energies through to recycling concepts.


Accordingly, Leadec has expanded its service portfolio in Hungary and also provides services relating to the conservation of flora and fauna on the factory premises. In in Győr, Miskolc and Szentgotthárd Leadec is providing beehives, takes care of the green spaces around the buildings and replenishes bird feeding stations. Leadec is already involved in the conceptual design of sanctuaries around production facilities right from the planning stage. The aim is to have a hive of colorful activity on the factory premises – not just within the production facility but also in front of it, to contribute to more biodiversity and environmental protection.

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