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Leadec bees wanted

Bees play an important role in our ecosystem because they pollinate more than 80 percent of all flowering plants. However, the number of bees has been declining for years and they are highly endangered. That is why Leadec has taken action and started a cooperation with the organization Beefuture.

Beefuture is currently taking care of our first Leadec bee colony in Reichenbach an der Fils in Southern Germany and contributing to the wellbeing of the bees and their environment. But this is only the start: Leadec has a great interest in further expanding its commitment for the bees.

“We live in a high-tech world, so it is very important for us to preserve our environment and the biodiversity for future generations. It is great that the focus of the public has lately been on bees. We want to actively promote this development and will expand our activities step-by-step,” says Alexander Bonk, Managing Director of Leadec Management in Central Europe.


The value of bees

Did you know that one third of the global food production is dependent on bees and other insects? With their pollination services, bees are the third most important working animal in agriculture, behind only cattle and pigs.

But life has become harder and harder for the bees. The reasons for the high bee mortality are diseases, pesticides, climate change, monocultures, and depletion. Beefuture sets up bee colonies on the premises of companies or in special areas and cares for the beehives all year round. They also harvest the honey and provide it to the owners. “We give the Leadec honey to our customers as a present,” says Alexander Bonk.

The strong relationship between Leadec and the bees will continue to grow. Incidentally: Leadec has a long-standing relationship with bees in Eastern Europe as well. We serve one of our customers by taking care of several bee colonies, along with more typical industrial services.