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Production Planning and Optimization

Smart planning, optimal production

Factory planning and factory optimization are two factors that determine the success of a production facility. For this reason, Leadec accompanies its customers along the entire process: from planning to successful commissioning, ramp-up support, and quality management. 


Whether it’s a greenfield site or an existing layout, for the planning or optimization of a factory, the experts at Leadec leave nothing to chance. We know exactly what’s important for a successful production facility, where challenges are lurking, and where unutilized potential is hiding. Because the competitiveness is already decided here, planning must be accordingly comprehensive and precise. Leadec’s teams draw on state-of-the-art digital solutions to plan processes and areas, as well as assembly lines and systems, and to simulate the factory. As a result, already in the early planning stage, they can provide an overview of all parameters needed for successful production in terms of capacities, quantities, and resources.


Leave project management to the experts 

The key steps in factory planning and the associated project management are in the best of hands at Leadec. That way, we not only keep an eye on the workflows and the progress, but we also assume responsibility for adhering to budgets and timelines. This leaves our customers free to concentrate on their core business. 

Getting better all the time

We never stand still – and we want the industrial manufacturing companies to be able to say the same thing. That’s why continuous analysis of running factories and their production processes is part of Leadec’s portfolio. MTM, lean, or CIP methods provide information on the points in the workflow in which optimization potential can be leveraged. Productivity, process reliability, and flexibility form the basis of a successful production facility and the achievement of defined KPIs.  


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