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12. August 2021

1 million accident-free work hours

Stuttgart, Germany, 08/12/2021 – Workplace safety is a top priority for the service specialist Leadec. Employees at three sites in Germany – Esslingen, Regensburg and Chemnitz – each passed the mark of one million accident-free work hours. Leadec is also introducing a standardized software solution worldwide with the clear goal of achieving an accident frequency rate of less than 1 by 2025.

Leadec's tool grinding shop in Chemnitz is currently the company's internal top performer in Germany – the area has not recorded a reportable accident since 2011. Ten years without an accident translates into over one million accident-free hours for around 70 full-time employees. The same applies for the sites in Esslingen and Regensburg, where employees have also each worked one million hours without an accident. One key factor in the success of the three sites is how well the local teams work together with the central health & safety managers. By sharing knowledge across sites, hazardous situations can be mitigated in advance and accidents thus avoided.


Alexander Bonk, Managing Director of Leadec Germany, explains: "I am proud of our employees. Our initiative ‘Safety – it's your life’ has helped to ensure that this topic is firmly anchored in the minds of our employees. The internal awards, called Safety Awards, recognize effective workplace safety and support awareness."


A global approach to workplace safety

The international results are also impressive: In Huntsville, Alabama, the Leadec team recorded its 14th consecutive year without a reportable injury as defined by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Leadec CEO Markus Glaser-Gallion emphasizes: "Our current LTI rate, i.e. reportable injuries per 1 million hours worked, is 1.7, well below the industry average of 5.4. But that is not good enough: We have set ourselves the goal of achieving a value of less than 1 by 2025. Working primarily in our customers' factories and plants, occupational safety is our ‘license to operate’."


To this end, a standardized software for HSEQ (health, safety, environment and quality) will be rolled out worldwide in 2021 and used daily by around 2,000 employees working in this area. This allows to identify safety risks in a consistent and efficient manner and make them transparent. For example, regular safety inspections, audits and inspections of equipment and devices are carried out. The software evaluates the results and shares them systematically and promptly with sites around the world. The aim is to take actions that prevent the spread of diseases and prevent accidents from happening.


You can find out more about safety at Leadec here.

Workplace safety is a top priority for Leadec. The service specialist wants to achieve an accident frequency rate of less than 1 by 2025.