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15. October 2018

Automotive Hungary: Smart Industrial Services for Smart Factories

Budapest, Hungary – October 15, 2018 – Leadec will attend the Automotive Hungary trade show in Budapest (booth 101H in Hall A). For more than 25 years the company has been working within the Hungarian vehicle industry, ensuring it runs as smoothly as possible. In addition to presenting the complex and varied services it provides, Leadec will be showcasing its new technological developments with its “mixed-reality” smart glasses which have the capability to improve technical maintenance.

Leadec ensures operations at a number of extremely important factories for the automobile industry continue to run without any issues. According to Managing Director Ferenc Dákai, these sites generate 10 percent of Hungary’s gross domestic product.

“The Hungarian automobile industry is awarding contracts to Leadec that are worth more every year, and our revenues went up 40 per cent in five years and totaled around 7.5 billion forints in 2017,” the Managing Director went on to say. “In the most important automobile factories of Hungary, our 580 specialists help to set up the robots and machining centers and build electric switch cabinets for a variety of special requirements.”

Experts for the Automotive Industry

Amongst other things, the company builds cranes with high load capacities, constructs large steel structures, and operates automated logistical systems that transport parts for premium cars. Its services also include the installation of data technology and electrical systems at these production sites.


Employees at their locations in Győr, Kecskemét, Szentgotthárd, Szombathely, and Miskolc get the central power supply systems at the factories up and running and handle the technical and infrastructural operation of the facilities, including technical cleaning of production lines while following the strict regulations in place.

“Leadec services make it possible for the world’s leading automobile manufacturers to focus exclusively on their premium-quality production”, said Mr. Dákai.

Extensive Portfolio

The Managing Director said he was proud of the work achieved by Leadec in the past few decades, saying that with the services it provides for the manufacturing industry, “we have become an established and reliable player for the manufacturing industry in Hungary”.

He added: “From the operation of facilities to technical cleaning to the installation and maintenance of electrical systems to the construction and installation of new technology and systems, we do it all. As an international company, Leadec has more than 50 years’ experience within the automotive industry. Our customers benefit from our extensive know-how of the manufacturing industry and no matter where we operate, our standard of work will always be to the same high quality and technological standards.”

Continuous Developments: Mixed Reality

Georgi Tschumburidse, Managing Director of Leadec Central Europe, stressed that its objective is promoting the flow of knowledge between the regions. The company’s specialists are constantly focusing on the development of technologies capable of increasing the competitiveness of their customers from the automobile manufacturing industry.


The smart glasses are one of its newest efficiency-improving innovations, which will make the maintenance of complex industrial systems and their software significantly easier. Developed in collaboration with Stuttgart University, the process saves on time and costs and allow production to continue running smoothly. Leadec plans to start putting this technology to practical use for one of its premium car manufacturer customers in Hungary.


Attractive Job Openings for Hungarian Specialists

A big goal for Leadec at the exhibition is to attract the attention of new customers and potential employees. Leadec is offering its employees an attractive career and stable income at all levels, from entry level positions to those who work with the most cutting-edge technology. Leadec had also conducted intensive preparatory negotiations in Germany before the exhibition in Budapest to expand the company’s clientele in the future.