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28. February 2022

BMW Steyr relies on digital service processes from Leadec

Stuttgart/Steyr, 02/28/22 – The service processes relating to technical facility management (TFM) have been completely digitized at the BWM Group plant in Steyr since May 2020. The employees at the plant can report faults or order maintenance activities directly via the Leadec.os customer portal. In addition, they receive transparency about all services and can call up information about the production facilities at any time.

A filter in a system is defective, oil needs to be changed or a leak has occurred in the air compressor. Such faults can be reported immediately via the cloud-based customer portal in Leadec.os. The Leadec team then creates a work order and assigns it to a technician on site on his tablet. The technician performs the required work and reports completion via the tablet. The progress of each job can be tracked digitally in real time via reports and dashboards. 


Transparency and continuous development

Every month, the customer reports an average of around 140 service orders to Leadec via the system. In addition, scheduled maintenance activities are carried out within this period, for which the system automatically generates a maintenance order at the defined time. In total, Leadec is responsible for the maintenance of around 6,000 systems at the BMW Group’s Steyr plant, for which service orders are managed and executed via Leadec.os.


This provides an overview of all service processes and their status, as well as paperless and legally compliant documentation. In addition, Leadec.os is constantly being developed further and new functionalities are added on an ongoing basis. A team from the BMW Group plant in Steyr works closely with the Leadec development team, which means that individual requirements can be taken into account. 


Integration of further sites

“Following the positive experience at the engine plant in Steyr, we began rolling out Leadec.os for technical facility management at the BMW Group’s sites in Salzburg and Vienna as part of our five-year contract in spring 2021. Since the summer, all service orders have been processed via the Leadec platform, which also includes a 24/7 online helpdesk,” reports Wolfgang Salzmann, Managing Director of Leadec Austria. 


And work is already underway on the next further development. A digital tool map for tool management documentation will soon be introduced in Leadec.os.


The cloud-based Leadec.os solution integrates seamlessly into the ecosystem in the factory. Behind it is Salesforce technology, which forms an interface to existing systems. A dedicated IoT-Home-Cloud, where machine data is captured and analyzed, complements the new platform and builds a bridge to the service offering. This makes collaboration with our customers particularly efficient.


“With Leadec.os, our customers receive optimal transparency in the planning and documentation of all service activities related to production – and they can use the data obtained intelligently. This creates real added value,” says Markus Hucko, COO of Leadec.

The service processes relating to technical facility management (TFM) have been completely digitized at the BWM Group plant in Steyr in Austria since May 2020 (© BMW Group Werk Steyr).