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19. March 2019

Leadec at Servparc 2019: Automation the driving force behind the factory of the future

Stuttgart, 3/19/19 - As one of the world’s leading service providers, Leadec will showcase a cross-section of its range of technical services for production facilities at this year’s Servparc. An AR application allows visitors to the Leadec booth to vividly experience the options offered by the industrial services specialist for designing a sustainable factory. Leadec will also be giving some specialist presentations at Servparc, which will take place on June 25 and 26, 2019 in Frankfurt.

Servparc is regarded as the new hot spot for future trends in facility management, industrial services and IT. At this event, Leadec will present its solutions for future-driven factory design and maintenance, for example supplying spare parts using automated guided vehicles (AGV). In collaboration with a robotics start-up, Leadec is using “robot-as-a-service” for the manufacturing industry and realizing new service concepts. The fully automated mobile robots work flexibly and move the parts required safely and quickly between incoming goods, warehouse, shop floor and factory grounds. This ensures an efficient internal material flow that is transparent at the same time, as current location and load of the AGV can always be retrieved digitally.


Sensors for predictive maintenance

Leadec offers software and sensors for monitoring purposes to provide information about the condition of a system at all times. The technology collects data from the components such as temperature, vibration or pressure which then provide the basis for predictive maintenance. This increases the added value, as comprehensive and continuous monitoring of the systems reduces the risk of major downtimes and thus minimizes repair and follow-up costs. 


Making the factory fit for the future

Using an AR application, Leadec gives visitors a virtual demonstration of its various services in the categories Install, Maintain, Support and Engineer. In the Engineer category, the industrial services specialist undertakes all steps from planning of assembly and production to the introduction of production systems, and from quality management and logistics planning to staff training. Leadec provides support for the complete manufacturing process along the entire value creation and supply chain.


Insights into current challenges

The experts for manufacturing facilities will also pass on their expertise in specialist presentations. For example, the presentations by Alexander Bonk, Managing Director Central Europe, and Theodor Malcotsis, Head of Project Development in Product Management Central Europe, will explore the changes and opportunities resulting from the digital transformation and increasing automation. Particular attention is paid to the work structuring of the future and the growing importance of open innovation processes in partner networks.


These and other solutions are on display at the Leadec booth in Hall 1.2 at Servparc in Frankfurt on June 25 and 26.

Leadec at Servparc 2019: Automation the driving force behind the factory of the future