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28. February 2024

Leadec Brazil wins supplier award from Mercado Livre

Stuttgart/Germany, São Paulo/Brazil, 02/28/24 – Leadec has been recognized as “Winner Supplier of the year 2023 Award in the Facilities & Maintenance category by Mercado Livre.” Leadec is responsible for technical and infrastructural facility management (TFM and IFM) at 18 Mercado Livre distribution centers in Brazil.

The e-commerce company Mercado Livre presented its “Meli Awards” for the first time, recognizing the performance of and the relationship with its main suppliers and business partners in Brazil. According to Tiago Azevedo, CFO of Mercado Livre for Brazil, the goal is to “strengthen relationships, efficiency, productivity, and innovation.” Ten companies were honored in strategic categories for the company’s operations. Leadec is the winner in the “Facilities & Maintenance” category.


Leadec has been working for Mercado Livre since the beginning of 2021. At that time, a first team took over the technical facility management for Mercado Envios, the Brazilian delivery and logistics arm of Mercado Livre, at the distribution center in Lauro de Freitas. In the following years, the service specialist also became active at other locations.


Focus on customer needs

Today, Leadec operates in 18 Mercado Livre locations in Brazil with 240 employees. The services range from maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems, buildings, ventilation and air conditioning systems to janitorial cleaning, grounds maintenance and landscaping. 


“We focus our efforts on what is important to the customer so that they can achieve the results they expect without having to worry about taking care of their facilities. I am very pleased to receive this award, which is a special recognition of our performance,” says André Luiz Sales, Commercial Director at Leadec Brazil. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues who work for Mercado Livre every day and do an outstanding job.”


As a global service specialist for factories, Leadec covers services across their entire life cycle and related infrastructure. Leadec Brazil has been supporting its customers since 1998 and currently has around 4,500 employees at more than 100 sites in the South, Southeast and Northeast regions.

Jucélio Joly and André Luiz Sales from Leadec with the Meli Award in the category Facilities & Maintenance

Jucélio Joly and André Luiz Sales from Leadec with the Meli Award in the category Facilities & Maintenance