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27. June 2023

Leadec develops digital asset recording app

Stuttgart/Germany, 06/27/23 – With the newly developed LARA (Leadec Asset Recording & Administration) app, Leadec optimizes the process of digital asset data capture. Based on the data recorded in LARA, maintenance processes in factories and buildings can be optimally planned and managed.

From fire doors to electrical distribution panels to ventilation systems – depending on the size of a property, there are up to 50,000 technical installations. Each one is recorded, assessed, and documented by the Leadec team on site before the data is finally checked against the actual assets. What was previously done with different tools, Leadec now brings together digitally in the newly developed LARA (Leadec Asset Recording & Administration) app for asset recording. 


“With LARA, we create transparency and uniform documentation for maintenance, both for our customers and for our own processes,” explains Stephan Hihn, Head of Product Management Europe at Leadec. “This allows us to optimize maintenance processes in factories and buildings, thereby avoiding production downtime and achieving maximum plant availability.”

One tool for all data

In LARA, plant-specific interfaces, process-oriented user guidance and integrated defect documentation facilitate standard-compliant asset recording. All entered data is standardized and can also be supplemented with additional information later, e.g., the dimensions of a door or the volume flow of a ventilation system. In addition, the system enables customer-specific asset criteria to be added and allows data to be checked against the actual assets efficiently.

“The basis for this is the Leadec IoT-Home-Cloud, where the recordings are checked, matched, and enriched for further processing in Leadec.os,” says Terence Gudat, project manager for digital innovation in Europe. All of Leadec’s service processes are mapped digitally across systems via this platform. At the push of a button, reports can be created on the status of the recording, but also on possible defects. 

Uniform documentation

“With LARA, we get a digital twin of the assets, which brings us one step closer to the factory of the future. Not only do we work more effectively, but above all we significantly increase data quality and obtain legally compliant documentation,” says Stephan Hihn. “Since there was no solution available on the market that met all our requirements, we developed the app ourselves together with a software partner and brought in the know-how from our daily work in more than 300 plants worldwide.”


LARA has already passed its first practical test in a newly won contract for technical facility management at an automobile manufacturer’s plant in Hamburg. In the future, digital asset recording is to be carried out with LARA for all new orders. Thanks to the progressive web app (PWA) being multilingual, it can be used internationally, both on mobile devices and on desktop computers.