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14. November 2017

Leadec India builds safer work environment

Pune, India, November 14, 2017 – At Leadec safety gets top priority at each site. Leadec in India has implemented successful safety measures at multiple manufacturing sites.

Safety is a primary concern of Leadec. The main goal is to keep the frequency rate under 2.0. This means: less than two reported accidents per one million worked hours – which is benchmark for service industries.


Since Leadec India has started their safety campaign the number of accidents has been constantly reducing. In this year the team so far has transformed 3061 unsafe conditions at customer’s sites into safe conditions. This includes not working emergency switches; damaged main panel switches or unsafe access for load lift.


In order to build a strong safety culture and reduce workplace injuries, Leadec India has implemented at customers sites concepts such as: safety skill mapping, safety trainings and regular safety audits. The basic idea behind safety mapping was to create a competitive atmosphere and to identify the training need of all team members. Each member can come up in daily morning safety talks with his training needs so that he could move upwards on the four quadrants of the safety card, which are:


Quadrant 1: Basic knowledge

Quadrant 2: Ability to work safely under supervision

Quadrant 3: Ability to work independently safely

Quadrant 4: Ability to train others on safety


Those who attain expertise in all the four quadrants would have a special “Safety Champion” badge on their uniform. They take utmost care while working and are enthusiastic to learn and practice safety. A thorough analysis of all employees’ safety skills also results in concrete trainings. These contribute to a systematic increase of safety awareness of each person.


In addition there is a safety monitoring which helps to correctly report incidents and take appropriate measures on a regular monthly basis and very detailed e.g. first aid incident, near misses, unsafe conditions, unsafe acts. Safety inspections and audits are also required to be conducted regularly to look for safety hazards and unsafe practices throughout the Media release – Leadec – Page 2 facility. They determine e.g. whether safeguards and safety check points are in place and take action to eliminate any such risks in the future.


A combination of all these aspects results in the safety successes of Leadec India. Leadec has been awarded by two of its esteemed customer’s safety awards which prove the successful implementation and demonstrate how the industrial service provider is making safety a primary concern. Leadec India provides technical services such as production equipment maintenance, project and automation solutions, production support services and supply chain solutions in manufacturing plants.