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29. August 2023

Leadec pools expertise in “Green Hubs”

Stuttgart/Germany, 8/29/23 – With its “Green Factory Solutions,” Leadec offers a green service portfolio along the entire factory life cycle. To bundle the expertise existing in this field of services, a total of seven “Green Hubs” are being set up in Germany. The aim is to further expand sustainable services and support customers in the regions from there.

Leadec’s Green Factory Solutions have two main thrusts in the factory: decarbonization and circular economy. With services regarding zero waste, automation, lighting, climate change, sustainable facility services, energy efficiency as well as renewable energy solutions, the service specialist for the factory already covers a wide range of customer needs. 


To drive the development and implementation of these sustainable services even further, a total of seven new knowledge hubs are being created across Germany. They act as centers for specialists and sales, pooling their expertise and working together on innovative and sustainable solutions for customers.    


Seven hubs across Germany 

Leadec has launched the hubs at Hoyerswerda (Green Industry Automation, Battery Repair), Ingolstadt (Intelligent Lighting), Stuttgart (Sustainable Facility Services), Sindelfingen (Zero Waste Services), Kölleda/Arnstadt (Energy Efficiency Solutions) and Hanover (Renewable Energy Solutions) and is gradually expanding them.  


“At these locations, we have orders or project experience revolving around our Green Factory Solutions,” says Alexander Bonk, SVP of Leadec Germany. “We therefore already have a good foundation of knowledge, market access and skilled people.” 


Markus Bölke, who shares global responsibility for sustainability, HSE and Green Factory Solutions, also sees global opportunities: “employees from other sites can be trained locally and become familiar with Green Factory Solutions. Our approach of a global network of experts will receive another real boost with the establishment of these hubs and the exchange worldwide.”