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25. September 2017

Leadec sells parts of Engineering Services

September 25. 2017 - Leadec sells rail vehicles and motorcycle development from the Engineering Services division.

In future, Leadec will be focusing more strongly on its core competencies and support customers along the production processes. It will therefore be transferring the Engineering segment with a different focus to a new owner. This will allow that segment to develop to its full potential in an ideal environment. 


Leadec Engineering GmbH and Hörmann Rail & Road GmbH have signed a sales contract for the Engineering unit "Rail vehicles and motorcycle development". Following approval by the Competition Authorities, a final transfer is expected in November. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the sales price. The Hörmann Group is a medium-sized company group owned by the Hörmann family. All industrial activities of the Group are bundled under Hörmann Industries GmbH. With its subsidiaries, the Hörmann Group is currently focused on the Automotive, Communication, Services and Engineering divisions. 


Jochen Wilstermann, CFO at Leadec Engineering Services: “We are delighted to have found a suitable home for this business unit, so that it can continue to grow profitably in accordance with its requirements in the future." The sale underpins Leadec's business strategy for the coming years. In this context, rail vehicles and motorcycles development would no longer have had the necessary room to grow. On the other hand, the Manufacturing Engineering services and associated Education Center at Leadec will be retained and intragroup transferred to an Automotive Division. These changes will not affect customers, who will continue to enjoy the quality they have come to expect.