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13. June 2023

Leadec signs Diversity Charter

Stuttgart/Germany, 06/13/23 – Leadec has signed the “Charta der Vielfalt” (German Diversity Charter), committing to an appreciative working environment free of prejudice. With a global “Diversity & Inclusion” initiative, the service specialist with 22,000 employees in 14 countries contributes to a more inclusive working environment.

“At Leadec, we promote a diverse workforce, equal opportunities, and a welcoming workplace for all. Signing the Diversity Charter is a clear commitment that we take into account the diverse needs and perspectives of people at Leadec and create a work environment where everyone can fully develop their talent and skills,” says Markus Glaser-Gallion, CEO of Leadec.


The Diversity Charter is an initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions under the patronage of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The aim is to advance the recognition, appreciation, and inclusion of diversity in the workplace in Germany. 4,900 companies, public institutions, associations, foundations, and federations have signed the Diversity Charter, benefiting around 15 million employees.


Global diversity initiative

“Our customers and markets are diverse. And so are we. This is both valuable and challenging. That’s why Leadec has launched a global “Diversity & Inclusion” initiative that is being rolled out across the entire company,” affirms Markus Glaser-Gallion. 


As part of the initiative, Leadec has set itself measurable goals. For example, increasing the number of women at management levels or having a diverse workforce in terms of nationality, origin, and cultural background. To achieve this, heterogeneous teams around the world work together, develop measures and manage their implementation, starting with fair recruiting processes and employee development to corporate culture.


By signing the Diversity Charter, Leadec sends a clear signal for diversity and tolerance in the workplace and demonstrates its appreciation of all employees regardless of age, ethnic origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and worldview, sexual orientation, and social origin.

Responsibility for change

“Our society is more diverse and differentiated than ever: all the more important is the commitment to diversity and to respectful and appreciative interaction in the workplace. By signing the Diversity Charter, Leadec commits itself to acknowledging and respecting the diversity of society and its needs inside and outside the organization,” says Corina Christen, Managing Director of the Charta der Vielfalt association.


“Anyone who signs the Diversity Charter is clearly demonstrating that the diverse needs of employees must be taken into account and firmly anchored in the organization’s internal structures. Because diversity is not only an attitude that is worth standing up for every day, but above all must be followed by action,” adds Franzi von Kempis, Managing Director of the Charta der Vielfalt association.

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