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12. May 2018

Leadec Slovakia celebrates its 20th birthday

Bratislava, Slovakia, May 12, 2018 – For 20 years, Leadec has been providing services such as paint shop services, automation, assembly and facility management in Slovakia.

Leadec is a strong player in the four service clusters install, maintain, support and Digitize & Optimize. “At Leadec Slovakia, the focus has been on developing the install (project business like paint shop services, automation, assembly) and support (facility management) clusters for the last 20 years,” said Ján Kubo, Director Sales & Business Development at Leadec in Slovakia.


20 years ago, when Leadec started its activities in Slovakia, the team consisted of 2 members. And the first projects included services for only one customer: a designated German car manufacturer with plants in Slovakia. The first very big project came up in 2001 – it was 7 welding lines for two well-known SUV models in Bratislava plant. The team and services have grown and improved since the very first day. Today, Leadec Slovakia is proud of its 560 employees and customers. Juraj Cesnek, one of the original founders, still comes to the office as the company’s executive director. "Our core business activities focus on supporting manufacturing processes, so our clients can concentrate on their core business," explains Ján Kubo.


In Slovakia, automotive manufacturers and their suppliers work closely with Leadec. Leadec provides both hardware and software engineering when plants are being automated. Customers trust Leadec’s experienced staff to program their production plants’ robots. Leadec even removes production lines and installs new ones if necessary.

In factory management, Leadec Slovakia covers both online and offline production equipment maintenance while also maintaining conveyor systems, machinery and servicing measuring devices. In facility management, the service provider creates ideal working environments for customers. In facility management, they clean customers’ rooms and workspaces, provide technical cleaning of production facilities and equipment and take care of grounds and waste management. Technical building management, energy management, testing and periodic inspections are part of the services as well. Leadec Slovakia also provides wheel and tire assembly and surface treatments as well as part painting services. In Bánovce nad Bebravou, the company uses electrophoretic coating and powder coating lines to treat auto part surfaces. "Our wheel and tire assembly operation in Trnava offers comprehensive solutions for fully managed outsourcing of production processes,” Ján Kubo explained, “and our services include supplying wheels to an assembly line directly where the cars are manufactured.” Assembly services go hand in hand with associated logistics and quality control, he added. Technological development, digitization and even automation itself are constantly moving forward, so the company takes all modernization options into account when it provides services in order to always stay ahead and keep providing customers with superior services.

Leadec Slovakia celebrates its 20th birthday