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12. January 2023

Leadec takes on battery repair for electric vans

Leadec takes on battery repair for electric vans

Hoyerswerda/Germany, 01/12/23 – Since September 2022, Leadec has been responsible for the repair of high-voltage batteries of electric vans at its Hoyerswerda site. The service specialist is thus expanding its range of services in the battery segment.

The heart of an electric van is the lithium-ion batteries. In the event of a defect, they are not recycled directly but are now repaired by Leadec in Hoyerswerda. Defective batteries of an automobile manufacturer are delivered there from European markets and repaired within a narrow time frame.


“The battery is not only the most expensive but also the most raw material-intensive component of an electric drive. With the repair, we are making a significant contribution to greater sustainability and resource conservation,” says Alexander Bonk, Managing Director at Leadec in Germany. 


Working under high voltage

First, the specialists at the plant analyze the non-functioning batteries, read the error codes and prepare a repair plan. “The error patterns are very diverse,” explains Gunnar Grohmann, Site Manager in Hoyerswerda, “from defective battery management systems to the failure of electrical components such as current sensors to damaged modules, seals and insulation or housings.” Individual parts are replaced as needed. For example, if a failure of individual cells is diagnosed, it is often sufficient to replace the affected module. 


A particular challenge when repairing batteries is the high voltage. For this reason, Leadec employs specially trained specialists for batteries, electrical work and working under electrical voltage. “Here, we rely on redundant protection consisting of protective clothing, insulated tools and very clear specifications regarding the individual work steps,” affirms Gunnar Grohmann. The successful repair is followed by end-of-line testing before the battery is returned to the manufacturer and awaits its next use.


“Electromobility has to be thought of in a bigger dimension if it is to be truly sustainable,” says Alexander Bonk. “For this reason, the reusability of lithium-ion batteries plays a central role for manufacturers. We are pleased that Leadec is the right partner here and that we can support manufacturers on their way to greater sustainability with our expertise in the battery segment.”


Expertise in the battery segment 

Leadec has been operating in Hoyerswerda since 2019. The team of more than 100 provides services such as pre-assembly, leak tests, corrosion protection and logistics, including the storage of up to 20,000 batteries, as well as repair and dismantling.