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17. May 2022

Leadec UK receives ISO 41001:2018 certification

Coventry/UK, 05/17/22 – Following an intensive audit process, Leadec Ltd., in the UK, is now certified to ISO 41001:2018. It is the first standard of its kind for facility management (FM) and intended to promote collaborative FM relationships.

“We are delighted to be one of the very few organizations who have achieved this standard. It demonstrates that we are operating best practices in processes for facility management, especially in the manufacturing sector,” says Lee Smith, Managing Director, Leadec Ltd. 


ISO 41001:2018 was published in 2018 to help FM teams achieve optimum efficiency. Drawing on international best practice, the management system standard constitutes a benchmark for developing and driving an effective strategic, tactical and operational FM regime. It also assists organizations seeking to outsource FM, as those providers who are able to demonstrate compliance with the standard will provide them with an assurance regarding their approach and processes.


High standards in Facility Management

Leadec Ltd. went through six days of level 1 and 2 audits at the headquarters and Wheel and Tire assembly plant in Coventry, as well as at two sites in Wolverhampton and Liverpool, where we provide Technical Facility Management (TFM), Janitorial and Industrial Cleaning, Waste Management and other services for our customers.


“At Leadec, we set and meet high standards in terms of quality, safety and sustainability. The new ISO 41001:2018 certification is evidence that we focus on our customers’ needs in facility management, work in a collaborative way and place great value on continuous improvement,” explains Andrew Candelent, Head of Facilities Management, Leadec Ltd.


For 60 years, Leadec has been supporting its customers along the entire production supply chain. To meet our clients’ changing needs we have developed an effective, efficient, and scalable facility management model so that we can deliver all the support services and free our client to focus on their core mission. The Leadec.os digital business platform is used to record all processes end-to-end and integrate further digital service solutions.

Two Leadec employees in front of a thermal power station

Leadec sets and meets high standards in terms of quality, safety and sustainability.