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31. July 2018

Leadec's multi-national team help set up Beijing-Benz Automotive factory in south Beijing

Shanghai, China, July 31, 2018 – At a new plant in the southern side of Beijing, two people from Germany, two from India, and one from Poland have helped get the factory up and running. 

Pawel Golonko from Poland, Anirban Seth and Jacob Aji from India, and Florian Marx and Sergiu-Daniel Popa from Germany are supporting Beijing-Benz Automotive Co. (BBAC) set up the new engine plant. The fast-growing Chinese car market has prompted BBAC, who have been producing engines in Beijing since 2014, to build another factory for their smallest engines. 

“It is the new engine plant where the specific engine will be produced exclusively for the Asian market”, Sergiu-Daniel explained. “Leadec will support and take the ownership of the new plant for preventive, predictive maintenance with maintaining spare part management. We will ensure the maintenance services for all process lines.”

The team are in China for one year together, bringing Leadec’s global knowledge to assist with the maintenance at this new technologically advanced factory. Leadec has employees all over the world, from Mexico to the UK to Slovakia, but even so this was a very international team tasked with making sure this new factory runs smoothly. 

Anirban said: "We are here to bring in the knowledge from our global Leadec network. We support our Chinese colleagues with the regard to technical aspects and project execution as well as maintenance approach according to BBAC specification."

Did they have trouble communicating? Not really, as they all spoke English, and as Pawel said, “engines in factories all look the same, so you do not need so much language there”. He also said that small activities like dining together or talking about football helped them overcome any differences between their cultures. 

They have also been learning about Chinese culture, with Anirban saying he is incredibly appreciative of his Chinese colleagues. He said: “I feel fortunate to start working with new colleagues and their unique ideas, to experience multicultural activities, cuisine, hospitable environment and a lot more. I will transfer beautiful memories from China to India.”

Leadec's multi-national team help set up Beijing-Benz Automotive factory in south Beijing