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01. September 2020

Optimized Logistics Planning Thanks to Simulations By Leadec

Stuttgart, 9/1/20 - Internet shopping is booming, and online retailers are upgrading their logistics centers – with the help of simulation services from Leadec. The technical service provider simulated a planned sorting and distribution system for a Southern German plant construction company. Through this, the client knows how powerful the new system will be even before it is installed.

Up to 10,000 packages an hour run through the high-performance sorter in the logistics center of an online shop for beauty products. The demands are high: the packages have to be transferred from several hundred packing stations directly to the conveyor system with no delays. The belts then transport the packages to the sorting system, which discharges them to the correct parcel service terminal points – smoothly and with no errors.


“Does the system achieve the required performance in daily operations? Is it flexible enough to meet the different requirements of the manual workstations? We can answer these and other questions through the digital simulation. Thus, the operator already knows whether the system equipment fits into the logistics center before installation,” explains Dr. Achim Agostini, Executive President of the Automation & Engineering Division.


The simulation offers further advantages: system bottlenecks are detected early on, and the equipment can be immediately adapted to special challenges. Based on the simulation, the operator can make a qualified decision in favor of a high-performance sorter with a high investment security. As soon as the operator commissions the plant construction company, Leadec takes over the simulation-based support of the project in the next step.


Thanks to Leadec’s technical services, complex sorting systems can be reliably implemented and operated. Leadec provides support in planning as well as in automation. Following system startup, Leadec can, at the request of the client, assume the maintenance and operation of the equipment as well as replacement parts management. The goal: maximum system availability. Clients in the courier, express, and parcel services (CEP) and e-commerce sectors profit from Leadec’s decades of experience in planning, simulation, and optimization of production lines and logistics systems.

Optimized Logistics Planning Thanks to Simulations By Leadec