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01. July 2021

Strong in quality management

Stuttgart/Magdeburg, 07/01/21 – With the acquisition of the renowned Institut für Korrosions- und Schadensanalyse (IfKorr, Institute for Corrosion and Damage Analysis) in Magdeburg, Leadec is strengthening its range of services for materials testing and quality management. The focus is on the analysis of weld seams and electrochemical corrosion testing.

“The transformation to e-mobility involves new requirements for both processes and materials. With the acquisition of IfKorr, we are deepening this know-how and gaining new competencies. Our industrial customers rely on our expert knowledge and expertise with regard to quality testing,” says Dr. Achim Agostini, Executive President of the Global Automation & Engineering Division at Leadec.


Modern testing equipment, seamless analyses in its own laboratory or at the customer’s site, and fast response times are the hallmarks of the Institut für Korrosions- und Schadensanalyse (IfKorr) from Magdeburg. Since July 1, 2021, IfKorr has been part of the Leadec Group, where it strengthens the Global Automation & Engineering Division, particularly in the area of quality management. 
For IfKorr’s founder, Dr.-Ing. Sabine Schultze, this step is a crucial one: “Our success is based on our expertise, particularly in electrochemical testing methods. As part of the Leadec Group, we can now pursue our approach of being even more internationally active and open up new markets.” 


Perfect addition in the field of weld seams

Another focus of IfKorr is on the analysis of weld seams. “With our welD.One software, we already ensure optimum display of current welding data and permanent quality control in production,” says Achim Agostini, adding, “Weld seams are neuralgic points on components and it is all the more important to combine all knowledge on strength requirements, visual appearance and consequences of component failure and also to incorporate it in the further development of our production IT.”

IfKorr was founded in 2010 and serves companies from the energy supply, mechanical engineering, plant engineering and steel construction sectors. In addition, the five-member team of materials experts regularly pursues research projects, for example on additive manufacturing from intermetallic materials. 

The IfKorr team in Magdeburg.

The IfKorr team in Magdeburg, with founder Dr.-Ing. Sabine Schultze on the far right.