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15. April 2021

White paper from Leadec and Lünendonk: How does battery production work?

Stuttgart, Germany, 4/15/2021 – What role do external service providers play in the transformation of the automotive industry toward battery-electric drive systems? What contribution do they make in the changed production processes and especially in battery production? The white paper published by Leadec in cooperation with the market research institute Lünendonk gets to the bottom of these questions and provides an overview of battery production in Europe.

“The growing demand for e-cars poses major challenges for the industry. It starts with the planning and ramp-up of new plants, continues with the transformation of existing plants, on to efficient and cost-effective service models and ends with the supply chain. This is where technical service specialists are needed – with expertise in all aspects of modern factory organization,” says Dr. Christoph Jaschinski, Senior Vice President Global Business Development at Leadec. As a specialist for technical services, Leadec has published the white paper “Technical Services for Battery Production in Europe” together with the market research institute Lünendonk.


On a total of 43 pages, the white paper provides an overview of battery production in Germany and Europe and highlights how this is changing the demands on factories. For example, the production of electric vehicle batteries is characterized by a high degree of automation and the handling of the shock-sensitive battery packs is subject to extremely strict standards. A special focus is on technical services for battery production and battery assembly. The white paper is aimed primarily at those responsible for plant planning, plant operation and battery component supply logistics. It is available for download free of charge at


Key technology for the drives of the future

Due to the proximity to the automobile production sites, new battery cell production plants are increasingly being built in Europe. New battery cell production capacities of over 250 GWh/year are expected by 2025 alone, and this figure is expected to more than double by 2030. To keep the time to market as short as possible, service specialists such as Leadec support companies in the construction and daily operation of the plants.


Supporting transformation in the automotive industry

Leadec’s services cover the various phases of the value chain from the battery cell to the battery pack system to the final assembly of a battery-powered vehicle, irrespective of the manufacturer. Engineering, maintenance of new assembly lines, services for pre-assembly and supply logistics are particularly in demand.


One example: For a subsidiary of Daimler AG, Leadec planned and implemented a service model for the pre-assembly of different battery pack cases. In addition, the team is responsible for the maintenance work in the battery assembly line at the same location. The two orders for battery line maintenance activities are the first of their kind in Europe to be taken on by a technical service specialist. Today, Leadec is already looking after eight battery lines.