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Data protection information for the customers, potential customers and suppliers of Leadec

The purpose of this document is to inform you about the processing of your personal data by Leadec Holding BV & Co. KG and its affiliated companies* as well as the rights to which you are entitled under data protection law.

Controller / data protection

The Controller for the data protection is Leadec Holding BV & Co. KG or the relevant affiliated company with which you are in a business relationship.


Contact information:


Contact for data protection:

Categories / origin of the data

We can process the following personal data in the course of the contractual relationship and during the preparatory stages of the contract:


  • Contact data (e.g. the given and family names of the current and previous contact persons as well as any accompaniments of the name, job title, customer’s company name and address (the employer), phone number with direct dial information, mobile number, business email address)
  • Work-related data (e.g. position in the company, department)
  • Financial data (e.g. terms and conditions of payment, purchase quantities, bank account details, credit rating, tax data (VAT registration number))
  • Order administration data (e.g. order number, invoice number, invoice amount, due date of payment of the invoice) 

In essence we obtain your personal data from yourself in the course of the preparatory stages of the contract (e.g. initial contact on our trade fair booth) or during the ongoing contractual relationship. By way of exception and in specific circumstances, your personal data is also obtained from other sources. These include non-routine queries for relevant information from credit agencies particularly in respect of your credit rating, credit history and reviews of embargo lists.

Purpose and legal basis of the data processing

The provisions of the GDPR and the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) as well as other relevant provisions of data protection law are always observed when your personal data is processed. 


As an industry service specialist, we use your data exclusively for the performance of pre-contractual activities (e.g. to prepare offers for products or services), to meet contractual obligations (e.g. to perform our service, the supply contract or for the administration of the order or payment) (Article 6(1) of the GDPR), to discharge legal obligations (e.g. by reason of requirements imposed by tax law) (Article 6 (1)c of the GDPR), to offer our products and services as well as to strengthen our relationship with customers which can also include analyses for marketing purposes and direct marketing.


A requirement for consent under data protection law can also, of course, constitute your agreement to data processing (Article 6 (1)a of the GDPR). Before granting your consent we will explain to you the purpose of the data processing and your right of revocation under Article 7 (3) of the GDPR. If the consent also relates to the processing of particular categories of personal data as described in Article 9 of the GDPR, we will make you clearly aware of this in advance.


Leadec Holding BV & Co. KG is also interested in cultivating the supplier/customer relationship with you and will arrange for information and offers about our products and services to be sent to you by email and/or post. We therefore process your data in order to send you appropriate information and offers (Article 6 (1)f of the GDPR). 


The conditions imposed by Article 10 of the GDPR are always followed if we wish to process your personal data for the purpose of uncovering criminal acts.

Data retention period

We delete your data as soon as it is no longer needed for the above purposes or if you have withdrawn your consent. Data is only retained after the end of the contractual relationship in cases in which we are obliged or entitled to do so. For instance, you will find provisions in the German Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch) or the German Tax Code (Abgabenordnung) which oblige us to retain data. This can result in a retention period of up to ten years. Statutory prescription periods must also be observed.

Data recipients / categories of recipients

Within our company we ensure that the only persons who receive your data are persons and departments which need the data to meet our contractual and legal obligations. If we work for your company in more than one country it can sometimes happen that we exchange data relating to your order between staff involved in your order; the purpose of this is to improve the quality of our service. 


In specific cases, service-providers (e.g. providers of IT, delivery and financial services) support our departments in the performance of their duties. The contract necessary under data protection law has been concluded with all service-providers.


In cases stipulated by law we are also obliged to send specific information to public bodies such as tax authorities and law enforcement agencies.

Transmission to third countries / purpose of transmission to third countries

Data is only transferred to third countries (i.e. countries outside the European Union and the European Economic Area) to the extent that this is necessary for the performance of the contractual or supply obligation, or is required by law or you have given us your consent for this transfer.


In this process, personal data is transferred both to external service-providers as well as to Group or affiliated companies on the Group, some of which are located outside the European Economic Area e.g. in the USA, Brazil, India or China.


Compliance with the data protection level is primarily ensured by a corresponding agreement under data protection law e.g. EU standard contractual clauses.

Rights of the data subjects

Your rights are set out in Articles 15 - 22 of the GDPR. 

These include: 


  • The right of access (Article 15 of the GDPR)
  • The right to rectification (Article 16 of the GDPR)
  • The right to erasure (Article 17 of the GDPR)
  • The right to the restriction of processing (Article 18 of the GDPR)
  • The right to object (Article 21 of the GDPR)
  • The right to data portability (Article 20 of the GDPR) 

If you are in Germany and wish to assert these rights, please contact:, stating, if possible, whether you are in contact with us as, for example, an applicant, customer or supplier. If you are in a different country please contact the specified contact points* in your country. Please use the same contact details if you have any questions about data processing in our company or if you wish to revoke a consent you have previously given. You can also lodge a complaint against data processing with a data protection supervisory authority.


If we process your data for the furtherance of legitimate interests, you can object at any time to the processing for reasons arising from your specific situation; this also applies to profiling based on these provisions. 


We will then no longer process your personal data unless we can demonstrate compelling legitimate reasons for the processing which override your interests, rights and freedoms, or the processing is in support of the assertion, exercise or defense of legal claims.


If we process your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing, you have the right to object without giving reasons; this also applies to profiling if it is undertaken in connection with direct marketing. If you object to processing for the purposes of direct marketing, we will no longer use your data for these purposes.

Obligation to provide data

You are obliged to provide certain personal data for the establishment and administration of a contractual relationship. This is needed for the establishment, implementation and termination of the contractual relationship and the performance of the associated contractual and legal obligations. It is impossible to perform the contract if you fail to provide this information.

Automated case-by-case decision-making

We do not use any automatic processing procedures to come to a decision.


* affiliated companies of Leadec Holding BV & Co. KG, Stuttgart, Germany