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Sustainability in Figures

Leadec's latest sustainability report takes a look at the figures. And here it becomes clear: the activities to reduce the ecological footprint are paying off. 

In 2021, the Leadec Group reduced its total energy consumption by around 20% for the second year in a row. In doing so, Leadec is increasingly sourcing energy from renewable sources, resulting in a 73% reduction in energy consumption from fuel. Consumption of natural gas was also almost halved.  

Recycling and fewer emissions

Industrial waste is one of the most significant waste groups. Its disposal costs a lot of money, especially if it is not separated by type. But this separation, adequate recycling of the valuable materials, is the building block for a cycle that conserves resources. In the area of waste management, Leadec was able to increase the recycling rate of waste from 41% to 92%. And in the case of the figure that is so crucial for the climate - CO2 emissions - we have reduced our share from 7,579 tons to 5,832 tons. 

Targets and priorities

But these figures are a snapshot. As an industrial company, Leadec has a special responsibility when it comes to climate protection. After all, industry ranks third worldwide behind the energy sector and agriculture in terms of CO2 emissions. That is why the Sustainability Report also defines the priorities for current and future action up to 2025. For example, activities will focus on reducing water consumption as well as emissions, increasing the share of electrically powered forklifts by 50%, and sourcing 65% of total electricity consumption from renewable energies. And at the same time, Leadec wants to better manage its resource efficiency, for example by using less packaging material or biodegradable cleaning agents. 

Sustainability Report 2021

Read more about Leadec's approach to sustainability, sustainable services in the ecosystem of the factory and our targets.


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