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As a service champion, we are passionate about our customers. Our goal is to create a leading edge for them. A unique combination of customized services and highly qualified teams makes us the preferred partner of the manufacturing industries all over the world. With the following references, you can get a small overview of our wide range of services.

A van production facility on a greenfield site

Planning a factory with foresight

Designing a factory means planning three product generations in advance. After all, development cycles are getting shorter and shorter, and the demands on flexibility are getting greater and greater. The Leadec teams also worked on this understanding in this project, which began on a blank sheet of paper. During the planning and set-up of the automotive factory, we supported our customer with services such as the specification of workstations, simulation of assembly processes, material flow planning and plant design for vehicle assembly as well as the end-of-line area.


Key facts

  • Serviceline: Production Planning
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Location: Poland

Scope of services

  • Specification of workstations
  • Simulation of assembly processes
  • Material flow planning
  • System design for vehicle assembly and the end-of-line area

A conveyor trimmed to new

Turn old into new with retrofit

It is not a ”must“ to replace old equipment with new.  In the case of a retrofit, existing plant equipment is adapted to the current technical conditions by means of new components, modules or software solutions. This can save costs and also serves the needs of factory employees. For an automotive manufacturer, our engineers brought the electrics of an existing body shop skid conveyor up to date. First, we disassembled the entire system and rebuilt it according to the customer’s requirements. We then tested the new system software by simulating commissioning to ensure an error-free result at the highest quality for the customer.

Key facts

  • Serviceline: Automation
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Location: Germany

Scope of services

  • Dismantling of the old switchgear including control system, control panels, cable routes, cables, drive, gearbox & motor starter
  • Installation of new features:
    • Switchgears with new control software
    • HW design with completely new designation logic
    • Control panels with visualization
    • Cable route including earthing concept
    • Drives including gear unit/FC combination
    • New documentation
  • Simulation of commissioning
  • Testing the software for possible errors and optimization

Powerful control software for perfectly mounted axles

Optimizing processes with own production IT

The axles of a car connect wheels and body and are subjected to hard stresses during their lifetime. The design of modern axles is therefore complex, and quality assurance during assembly is important. To ensure that assembly processes run smoothly, an industrial manufacturer uses Leadec’s own jitCATS control software in its module plant in Mexico. Here, our team was responsible for the complete manufacturing execution system. Leadec set up the software for the individual assembly and inspection stations as well as for goods receipt, rework and shipping. The experts then commissioned the production control software for the assembly of the rear axles, the front corner module and the suspension strut. As intelligent control software for Industry 4.0, jitCATS can open the way to digitized manufacturing as a solid solution and later be easily scaled and transferred to other regions and markets.

Key facts

  • Serviceline: Production IT
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Location: Mexico

Scope of services

  • Analysis and specification of the assembly process according to system functionalities and end customer requirements
  • Customizing of the jitCATS standard system
  • Software installation for the main system as well as the individual assembly stations, such as feeding, rework, shipping
  • Set up and adjust the individual workstations according to the specified operating technique
  • Definition and establishment of the system interfaces to the equipment as well as ERP system and EDI interfaces
  • Commissioning of the production control software for rear axle, front corner module and suspension strut assembly

Clean air in the dairy sector

HVAC systems in the demanding food industry

An optimal production climate is especially important for the processing of cheese and dairy products. One of our major cheese processor customers cuts and packages an impressive 5,000 metric tons of cheese annually and has recently built a new automated production hall. Leadec was responsible for the installation of the refrigeration, AC, ventilation and heating systems on a total area of 11,000 square meters (36,000 Sq. Ft.). We continue to ensure optimum air quality through our technical services.

Key facts

  • Serviceline: Installation
  • Industry: Food & Beverage
  • Location: Germany

Scope of services

  • Installation of:
    • Refrigeration
    • Air conditioning
    • Heating technology

A production relocation out of the storybook

Dis- and reassembly across two continents

The relocation of production parts, plants and machines is a real tour de force for companies. This is because there is often a tight schedule behind it, in which professional assembly, reassembly and commissioning have to be completed elsewhere. Especially when it comes to relocating production units over a distance of 8,000 kilometers. This is the distance over which Leadec’s relocation experts moved test cells for a manufacturer of construction equipment from Tennessee in the USA to São Paulo in Brazil. A challenging and long journey, but one that our teams successfully completed in just four months. The project involved specialists from both the USA and Brazil to ensure a smooth relocation. True to the motto: one-stop solutions even across national borders. 

Key facts

  • Serviceline: Relocation
  • Industry: Off-highway
  • Location: USA/ Brazil

Scope of services

  • Development of relocation concept
  • Planning and preparation
  • Dismantling of the test cells
  • Relocation
  • Reassembly

Fridges in endless succession

High-performance machines in non-stop operation

Around two million refrigerators are produced by a household appliance manufacturer per year. This is equivalent to about 5,500 refrigerators per day. The maintenance of the machines and facilities, which operate at high capacity, is correspondingly complex. To ensure an optimal process here, the company relied on external support. This is where Leadec came in with its technical expertise. A particular focus in this project was the development of new preventive maintenance measures as well as the improvement of existing maintenance processes in order to reduce the downtime of critical equipment. Today, the Leadec team is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of robotics, automation and motor control systems, conveyor systems, tool and die, mechanical and low voltage systems as well as electrical troubleshooting.

Key facts

  • Serviceline: Production Equipment Maintenance
  • Industry: White Goods
  • Location: USA

Scope of services

  • Maintenance and repair of:
    • Robotics
    • Automation and motor control systems
    • Conveyor systems
    • Tool and die
    • Mechanical and low voltage systems
  • Electrical troubleshooting

Uncompromisingly clean

Careful handling of paint shops

In paint shops, even the smallest impurities in the equipment can lead to downtime. And just a single speck of dust on the coating layer determines whether a product is usable.

Accordingly, the cleanliness of its paint shops is extremely important for a major British manufacturer of plastic exterior body parts and fuel tanks. By using cleaning methods and products that are gentle on the material and powerful at the same time, our employees fulfill these requirements day by day. At a total of three sites in the UK, our employees ensure that the paint mixing rooms, ventilation systems and ovens are kept clean.  This not only ensures that plant and machinery retain their value, it also enhances the quality of the end products. In line with our “everything from a single source” principle, Leadec also takes care of janitorial cleaning and landscaping at one of the sites.

Key facts

  • Serviceline: Technical Cleaning
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Location: UK

Scope of services

  • Technical cleaning of paint shops including:
    • Paint mixing rooms
    • Ventilation systems
    • Ovens

Cost savings through smart facility management

Maintenance and resource efficiency go hand in hand

For a multinational conglomerate with presence across industries such as food & beverage, consumer goods and packaging, Leadec is responsible for operating and maintaining the production utilities in a plant in India. This includes for example the HVAC systems, power supply and the electrical system as well as warehousing of electrical and utility equipment.

It was particularly important to the customer to reduce energy supply costs through planned and efficient facility management. Leadec’s answer is, among other things, a smart utility concept. The aim is to manage supply streams such as electricity or water in such a way that resources are used as efficiently as possible. Additional day-to-day controlling of utility activities, as well as team optimization measures, round out our approach. As a result, the customer has fewer expenses and thus has a competitive advantage.

Key facts

  • Serviceline: Technical Facility Management
  • Industry: Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods and others
  • Location: India

Scope of services

  • Operation and maintenance of production utilities
    • HVAC: air compressors, dryers, air conditioning and ventilation systems
    • Electrical substation/high-voltage & low-voltage electrical system, power supply and inverters
    • WTP/WWTP (water & wastewater treatment plant)
    • Tools, spares and consumables
  • Warehousing of electrical and utility equipment

Speed and quality in the production of hybrids

Optimal production environment for high-tech products

Within three months, a manufacturer of high-quality hybrid vehicles commissioned a new production site in China. In Leadec, the customer found a service provider that was able to set up and implement janitorial cleaning, landscaping and pest control activities on the 190,000-square- meter premises within this short period of time. In addition to time pressure, there were high demands regarding the quality of our services, which involved strict evaluation based on defined KPIs. For the latter, for example, our employees conducted regular service and safety audits. In the end, the Leadec team was able to convince the customer in terms of both time and quality, so that the initial five-month phased contract was upgraded to a comprehensive facility management contract. In addition, our employees also provide infrastructural facility management and technical cleaning services at the plant – all from a single source.

Key facts

  • Serviceline: Infrastructural Facility Management
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Location: China

Scope of services

  • Janitorial cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Pest control

In the right place at the right time

Holistic approach to in-plant logistics

To ensure smooth operations in a plant that produces 200,000 engines and 18,000 transmissions a year, goods and products have to be where they are needed at all times. However, this is not just about transport or handling – supply chain management also includes the intelligent planning and control of value chains and logistics processes. Leadec provides various logistics services on a total of 25,000 m² of production space for an automobile manufacturer in Hungary: from goods receipt, shipping and warehouse activities to in-house goods distribution on the factory premises to load carrier, packaging and empties management. The customer always has full transparency on material availability and stock levels.

Key facts

  • Serviceline: Logistics
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Location: Hungary

Scope of services

  • Truck/train loading/unloading and storage
  • Picking and delivery of all assembly supplies (partly just in sequence)
  • Supply of all production lines at the push of a button
  • Complete load carrier, packaging and empties management

Cleanliness in the fine dust particle area

High-tech laboratories

In high-tech laboratories, electronic components and highly sensitive chips are developed that must function absolutely flawlessly for their subsequent purpose. However, even tiny particles can cause immense damage. For this reason, particularly strict rules apply in such laboratories with regard to the installed supply systems, the people working there and the necessary cleaning. For a customer from the automotive sector, for example, Leadec takes over the cleaning of the cleanrooms classified as ISO 7 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1. The basis for this demanding area is an individually tailored hygiene concept in which we train our specialists. This includes not only the actual activity but also the behavior in the sensitive environment. Airlocks and comprehensive protective clothing additionally prevent new dirt from being carried into the cleanroom unnoticed. Strict specifications also apply to the cleaning agents and disinfectants used. Not only the quantity but also the respective concentration and objective are finely tuned to the requirements.

Key facts

  • Serviceline: Technical Cleaning
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Location: Germany

Scope of services

  • Cleaning of cleanrooms classified as ISO 7 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1, VDI 2083 as well as GMP principles and guidelines
  • Development of a hygiene concept including demand-oriented cleaning agents

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