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About the Leadec Group

Leadec is the world’s leading service specialist for the entire life cycle of a factory and the associated infrastructure. For more than 60 years now, we have been providing customers in the automotive and manufacturing industries with support along the entire factory life cycle: from planning, installation, and automation to operation of the factories and buildings.

About the company

We operate at more than 350 locations throughout the world – often right in the plants and facilities of our customers. As true service champions, we employ our services to make sure that production runs smoothly. To keep your plant running, we never stand still. After all, we have to remain true to our promise: We love your factory. 

Our heart beats for your factory

Industries we work for

Since 1962 Leadec has provided industrial services to major car manufacturers and tier one suppliers within the automotive industry. By following the expansion of our key customers over the years, Leadec developed its footprint continuously as well. Today we are able to offer customized service solutions as a partner on a global level. Alongside its global development, Leadec expanded its service and customer portfolio by providing services to a wider variety of industries.

Know-how in a wide range of industries

Board of Management

The Board of Management leads the global Leadec Group with passion and commitment: Christian Geissler (CFO), Markus Glaser-Gallion (CEO) and Markus Hucko (COO)

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Diversity & Inclusion

We promote a diverse workforce, equal opportunities and a welcoming workplace for all. Diversity, equity and inclusion play an important role in achieving our overall vision to be the leading service specialist for the factory of today and tomorrow. 

Diversity makes us strong

Investor relations

Leadec is a global market leader in on-site services for the manufacturing industry with a strong technical offering and a long-standing relationship with blue-chip customers, supplying highly commended service quality for more than 60 years.

Information for investors

Mergers and Acquisitions

Leadec is eager to continue to expand its significant operational footprint beyond its core strength in the auto sector while adding capabilities and services to its’ portfolio. That's why we are pursuing an active buy-and-build-strategy and permanently looking for attractive acquisition opportunities.

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Leadec understands the increasing importance of sustainability at the global and national levels and the increasing importance to our stakeholders. We at Leadec want to use the opportunities of sustainability to increase our company’s and our stakeholder's success, counter risks and make a positive contribution to the local communities where we operate.

Our approach to sustainability


Compliance is the prerequisite for fair and transparent business practice. The responsible and correct actions of every single member of staff strengthen the performance and reputation of the Leadec Group. Compliance is therefore a key element in securing the company's long-term success and forms the basis for our business relationships. 

Our business practice


Occupational health and safety is the basis and compass of our daily work. For Leadec, the well-being of employees, customers and business partners comes first. 

Safety first