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15. October 2020

Digital weld seam monitoring with welD.One

Stuttgart, 10/15/20 - Significantly improving the production quality through digital monitoring of the weld seams – that’s what the welD.One software promises. This software solution by Leadec ensures an optimal representation of current welding data and permanent quality control in the production.

welD.One is a system which collects, records and assesses in-line weld seam quality data. All quality-relevant welding process data are digitally recorded at the welding power sources via a communication interface and documented in real time in the higher-level database. There, an algorithm evaluates the data based on the individually defined parameters, often linked with data from other quality assurance systems.


The monitoring results enable a direct and permanent feedback into the automation process of the system. After the target-performance comparison, the welding parameters are immediately adjusted. In addition, the results can be integrated into higher-level IT systems.


Everything under control at all times

welD.One can be directly integrated into new facilities or retrofitted into existing ones. Both robot-supported welding systems and manual welding stations are monitored. By means of plugins, a customized connection to the automation systems is flexibly realized. These include OPC-UA, Siemens S7, Beckhoff TwinCAT and Digital IO. The system offers different types of monitoring, for example envelope-based corridors, permissible corridor violations, blanking areas, welding duration, evaluation of welding errors, seam completeness and sequence with variant support.


Smart solution for your manufacturing system

Due to permanent quality control in the production, welD.One enables a higher output. Every single part is directly checked for its welding quality. Thus, production problems can be detected at an early stage, the effort for destructive component testing, manual reworking and inspection is minimized. By using the software, predictive maintenance of the welding process with optimized maintenance intervals is achieved.


welD.One is a solution by Leadec, one of the leading providers of technical services for the automotive and manufacturing industries with more than 20,000 employees in 14 countries. The company digitizes its customers’ factories and supports them on their way to Industry 4.0. To this end, the production IT service line develops own software products for controlling production, logistics and material.

Digital weld seam monitoring with welD.One