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08. February 2024

New white paper by Leadec about lithium-ion battery repair

Stuttgart/Germany, 02/08/24 – Leadec has been repairing high-voltage batteries from electric vans from all over Europe at its battery competence center in Hoyerswerda since 2022. The “Lithium-ion battery repair” white paper, which is available to download free of charge from the Leadec website, explains the technical background and the requirements.

The new EU Batteries Regulation requires vehicle and battery manufacturers to reduce their batteries’ CO2 footprint. One approach to this is, for example, to extend the service life of a battery by repairing and reusing it. 


“Repairing and reusing used electric vehicle batteries makes sense from both a sustainability and an economic perspective. Nevertheless, it is not done enough, partly because standards and service structures are lacking,” says Alexander Döbelin, Vice President E-Mobility Global Business Development at Leadec. “In our experience, there are a few key points that are crucial for the successful establishment and operation of repair lines.” 


The white paper demonstrates the modular structure of batteries and explains how fault analysis and repair work. It also takes a closer look at the necessary requirements in terms of safety, storage, and documentation. 


Circular models for vehicle batteries

The team at the Battery Repair Center (BRC) in Hoyerswerda currently has around 230 battery-specific fault patterns. In addition to mechanical damage, electrical and electronic faults are the most common, while electrochemical faults are rare. 


As long as a battery’s state of health is above 80 percent, it can be reinstalled in the vehicle after repair – usually within 72 hours. Battery manufacturers and OEMs use the know-how gained from repairs to improve future battery generations. The common goal is to establish a functioning service structure and standards for the repair of Li-ion batteries.


As a neutral service specialist, Leadec has had experience in dealing with high-voltage batteries since 2019 and offers services along the entire value chain. In addition to operating the BRC, this also includes the pre-assembly of battery components and parts as well as the dismantling and disassembly of used batteries of various manufacturers and types. In addition, functional used modules are stored for later use in second-life energy storage systems (reuse). 


The “Lithium-ion battery repair” white paper is available to download free of charge in English and German from the Leadec website:   

Cover of the whitepaper on battery repair.