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Data From Inside and Outside

The documentation of all data plays a central role in the food sector. This applies to production as well as to the support services.

Anyone who produces, processes or places food on the market must comply with a number of regulations. This involves key issues such as traceability of all stages of the food chain, food safety and hygiene as well as requirements for the operating site. These framework conditions are one thing. Additionally, production is also highly developed and geared to maximum performance for economic reasons. In order to survive in global competition, food manufacturers are digitizing their processes. This enables them to produce more efficiently and save resources, while at the same time ensuring legally compliant documentation of the data. A win-win situation.

Integrated IT solution

This mass of production data can also include that of the support services – for example facility management – in order to obtain a digital overall picture of production. With the Integrated Facility Management (IFM) approach, Leadec uses its own Leadec.os platform for this purpose, an end-to-end solution that digitizes the entire service process. Leadec.os automates, focuses and streamlines the maintenance operation, which helps guide technicians and engineers to deliver the right maintenance inputs at the right time to keep production running. A dedicated IoT-Home-Cloud complements the platform and can be used, for example, to evaluate sensor data for preventive maintenance in real time and thus proactively prevent impending machine failures.


The whitepaper provides an overview of current challenges and opportunities in the food & beverage industry. In particular, under-utilization of plant and equipment and maintenance costs are having negative impacts. Learn more about how Integrated Facility Management (IFM) optimizes production by streamlining all support services through a single efficient model.


Whitepaper (PDF)

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